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Redness around urethra, burning while urinating
An_252474 posted:
Hi there, so I'm somewhat freaked out at the moment with some issues going on on the head of my penis. I am uncircumcised but I am sure this is not related to good hygiene, as I am very adamant that. Yesterday urinating began to be a bit painful, not unbearably so, but a bit at the beginning if the stream. Ive been having sex with one individual for the past two months so I'm pretty positive it is not an std like gonorrhea or chlymidia. After the last weekend that I spent having inter course with this individual I had quite a bit of itching for days after and I just assumed it was chaffing as that tends to happen to me. But it's been 2 weeks and the burning while urinating just started yesterday as well as some itching. I can only detect a little bit of redness right where the skin meets the shaft which hurts a bit when it doesn't itch.

The only other thing that's weird is that yesterday I also got a massive canker soar, or ulcer, on my tongue. This is something that I haven't gotten in a long time, and I remember hearing that they are caused by acidity imbalances. Other than that I have no other symptoms. Im healthy, sleeping well, and feeling great. What could it be??
counterso responded:
Canker sores can be caused by an acidic imbalance, or simply from stress. While you may not have a bacterial or viral STD, you could certainly have a fungal or yeast infection or be having an allergic reaction to a lubricant, condom, soap, food, or fabric. Certainly you must stop having sex until you resolve the issue. It's very easy to try a yeast infection treatment OTC to see if it resolves the issue in a week (and your partner needs to do so simultaneously).

Chafing should not be a persistent issue for you, and if it is, you should see a urologist to address it.

While you may have been exclusive with your sexual partner, there's nothing proving they have also been exclusive, or that they were asymptomatic when you two started and could have been infected without showing any signs.
Ljons88 replied to counterso's response:
Thank you so much for the quick response. I am really having no other symptoms. My urine is clear and I'm urinating regularly, so from what I've read about the symptoms of some STDs that would rule them out. I am seeing my physician tomorrow, but I was hoping to rule that out. I I also have a red bump with a white top (like a white head) where the skin meets the shaft on the inside. I have had that before and it has been benign, but this one hurts. Does that sound familiar to you? I'm thinking it's fungal or yeast, but I would love any other information that you can spare.
Ljons88 replied to Ljons88's response:
Actually there are two bumps that don't really have tops. They aren't too painful, but I'm quite worried
counterso replied to Ljons88's response:
It's not necessary to have classic symptoms of an STD to have an STD. Many cases include fewer or no symptoms, which is often why hidden infections get spread in the first place.

The description of your bumps sounds a little like Herpes, but that's for your doctor to diagnose. It could be something else entirely.

Keep in mind that your general practitioner knows about as much about your genitals as you do about how to drive a submarine. Do not accept an antibiotic prescription unless an infection is actually found. And be prepared to see a urologist if your GP says they aren't sure what's going on.

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