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Pea-sized cyst on scrotum
ChipMichaels posted:
As the title suggests I have one pea-sized cyst on my scrotum, along with several other small whiteheads that are fairly easy to pop. I've done some research and everything I've found says that it is benign but I'd like to get rid of it for cosmetic reasons. I was wondering if there are any home remedies to get rid of it, someone told me to put a heat pack on it, but I dont feel comfortable putting something like that that close to my testicles. I know I could probably go to the doctor for it, but I'd rather take care of it at home since it isn't endangering my health.

Thanks to anyone who helps.
counterso responded:
There is no home remedy equal to a dermatologist's treatment. Unfortunately taking action yourself has a significant risk of a skin infection, and you cannot use a regular antibiotic ointment on your genital area. Heat is not going to do anything unless you're trying to conceive. And at the point it has become a cyst, it's too late for a heat treatment.

First, the dermatologist is going to help you figure out what is causing this repeated problem of whitehead formation on your skin. Second, the calcification of one of these hair follicles or oil glands is serious business, and it's not disconnected from the structures that fed it, so removal will not be clean or simple like popping a pimple (which causes more damage to the skin than leaving it alone).

A chronic skin clogging sometimes comes with a recommendation to use a coal tar shampoo (like T-Gel) that is harsh and used to treat several skin conditions. That won't necessarily resolve your issues though.

I'm sorry, but I cannot recommend you try to remove a cyst on your own. It's complicated, could cause significant bleeding, and has a high risk of infection. You really need to see the dermatologist regardless of your hesitation.

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