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    Kidney Stone or More Serious?
    An_253049 posted:
    A couple of weeks ago after sexual intercourse with my wife, I went to the bathroom and, while sitting on the toilet, I felt a sudden break in the flow of my urine stream and, after a brief moment, a "pop" and a resumption of the flow. There was no pain or anything, but after I had my bowel, I noticed a drop of blood come out of my penis.

    My next urine was just the slightest pink as if I had hematuria, but then nothing further and no pain. Since that time, and I did not notice it until a few days after, I felt a dull tightness around my pubic bone on the left side and have had "tenderness" in my left testicle. I do not have any pain, per se, nor have I noticed any other symptoms such as trouble urinating, odd colored urine, itching or anything of the sort.

    My thought is that it is likely a kidney stone and I have been drinking a lot of fluids. My thought was the first incident was the passing of a stone and I have another which has yet to be expelled. My wife is a bit worried and has convinced me to see a physician and has me nervous since I will not be able to get in to see a urologist until Monday at the earliest. She wants me to go to an urgent care clinic.

    My TSE does not show anything, but I realize I am not a physician.
    counterso responded:
    Well, it's Monday. WebMD is certainly not a place for urgent issues because the boards are not monitored.

    However, I think it's an overreaction to rush to the urgent care center. While any blood from the penis is not normal and is usually scary, you are reporting something that was mild and not profuse, so like you said, could be easily explained by common occurrences.

    It's unusual to feel a pop sensation, but there are any number of things that could have been wedged in there, a clump of gelatinized semen, a kidney stone (although that would likely have been very painful), or you may have just felt a small capillary burst. It's hard to say.

    That you haven't had continued bleeding or pain kind of suggests it's not an emergency, although it is still worth going to the doctor to check things out. Keep in mind that your GP is not going to know what's going on with your genitals. You will need to see a urologist, especially if you have reason to think there was a kidney stone.

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