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Urinary Incontinence Help
jack2550 posted:
I'm suffering from Urinary Incontinence. I'm 40 year old male. I all ready have an enlarged prostate and had that for many years, but recently I've been dealing with incontinence. I pretty much drip after every time I urinate and it may last for a half hour to hour after urinating. I had a Cystoscopy and a Urodynamic and they didn't find anything wrong with the bladder. My problem seems to be getting worse. I was on medication but it doesn't seem to help. Currently I had to start wearing pads because of the leakage. Is there anything else I can do to solve this issue? Any medications or anything else I can take? Also, can having a Cystoscopy and a Urodynamic worsen the issue. I've noticed a week or two after I had it the problem worsen. I had it before the tests, but it seem to get worse. Thank you for your help.
counterso responded:
Post void dribbling as it's called is not an uncommon problem and frequently occurs due to improper habits ending urination. When you urinate, do not withdraw your penis through underwear and zipper. Fully open pants and lower underwear to make sure your penis is unencumbered and that it is not forced into a compressed u-shape which causes urine to remain trapped in your urethra.

Do not strain at the end of urination to push out the last bit of urine. When you do this, you close the sphincter of your bladder, put your penis away, and then the sphincter relaxes and lets out the last bit of urine that wasn't emptied in a relaxed state. Most of all, don't hurry the end of urination and rush to put your penis away. Once you're done, take a deep relaxed breath to make sure the bladder's sphincter is still relaxed and is not holding back any urine in your bladder that could leak out when it does relax.

There's no magic pill to fix this issue. The cytoscopy and urodynamics were looking for other potential causes such as diverticulae. You are indicating this was not the case. Yes, anytime you shove something up your urethra it's going to cause temporary issues for a while.

Follow up with your urologist. It's important that you resolve your enlarged prostate issues. Remember though that medications and surgical treatments for BPH can affect other urinary issues. Discuss these with your urologist.
donrussell replied to counterso's response:
Can Male Kegel exercises help with this problem? It seems to have gotten worse, and I now have more pain during urination than before. I've had worsening benign prosate enlargement for years now. I am 61. the pain seems to be similar to what I experienced after taking antihistimines. about 2 weeks ago, I began taking hydroxine pamoate, 50 mg, once per day, for sleeping problems, I have been taking 10mg of Ambien as well, for over one year.

I take Tamosulin for the BPE, my numbers on PSA have been ok so far. I also, about 2 weeks ago, was diagnosed with peripheral artery disease.I'm about 50 lbs overweight, at 6ft and 230 lbs. I've been prescribe to twice a day take cilostazol, 50mg tablets, and also pravastatin sodium tabs, 40 mg once per day. I masturbate an average of 3 times per week, no sex ppartner at present, have had none for 8 years.
counterso replied to donrussell's response:
Don, there shouldn't ever be pain during urination. That's an immediate trip to the urologist. Many medications can have urinary symptoms associated with them. It's your responsibility to communicate these symptoms to the doctors prescribing various medications.
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