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Semen escaping during sex or masterbation
gdman posted:
I have had a situation that started a few years back. The closest thing that I can find that relates is semen leakage but I can't find anything that is really exactly like what occurs. I don't have an semen leakage any time at night or anything unrelated to sexual activity.

Here are a few symptons - When I masterbate for example

1. White semen is always mixed in with my per-ejaculate - I always seemed to have a lot of pre-ejaculate in the past and now but now it looks many times like I climaxed but I haven't and I can still continue.
2. During sex or masterbation I often like to bring myself to the point of climax but then hold back. What happens now is semen will escape through my holding back, but if then I continue I will orgasm pretty much like normal with no issues. About the same feeling (or even stronger) and the same amount discharged.

Some things that I have read have seem to point to possible issue with the parasympathetic nerve.

There is no pain and my erections have not been any different to me since this started several years back. It is not an immediate concern because it has not affected my sex life. But it has not changed worse or better but since it has not got better it is especially more of a concern to me.
counterso responded:
Fortunately it's only your imagination and misunderstanding of the physiology of sexual response that is the issue. There's nothing physically wrong with you.

The color of semen isn't white. The color of THREE liquids combined that make up semen may or may not have a color at all. The color, texture, odor, taste, and volume of ejaculatory fluids can change from week to week, depends on a combination of more than a dozen factors, and is absolutely nothing to be concerned about so long as you don't see the colors red or brown.

Pre-ejaculate may be clear or cloudy. This means nothing. The amount means nothing. Some men have none, some have copious amounts. This also has many contributing factors and is not controllable.

Your body is going to ignore your mind and respond however it wants to stimulation. You cannot control this.

Be sure that when you "hold back" you are not physically clamping down on your penis to prevent the escape of seminal fluids. This can cause damage to the delicate valve system that makes everything flow.

When you masturbate for long periods of time, keep in mind that your penis is not very durable. It needs plenty of lubrication, and it typically is built to withstand the equivalent of no more than 20 minutes of physical stimulation a couple times a week, that is gentle, and with plenty of lubrication. If you're going to edge or masturbate for a long period, you need to do so with lube and gentle handling so you don't cause unintended trauma from over-handling or rough handling. You can't literally yank on it for an hour (that's harsh), but you could stroke it gently for a long while.

Have fun, but set aside your concerns about what your seminal fluids look like. If they're not red or brown, they're normal, in every other appearance.
klimas responded:
I just posted a very similar issue and do not believe it is over masturbation, I masturbator a lot when I was younger but at 41 I avg 1-2 x week which seems pretty average. Some weeks I don't get time at all. So there has to be another explanation. Guys know how their penises and organs work and when something is just not right. Read my post and see the correlations.

Good luck. Send me a response if you hear of any solution or want to discuss further.

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