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    Tingling/Stabbing sensation in penis for short duration no other symptoms
    kamonerasai posted:
    Hi ,
    About 3 weeks and a half weeks ago I had unprotected oral sex with an escort and ever since then I'd been worried about getting an STD . After about 3 or 4 days after the incident I started getting weird tingling/stabbing sensations in my penis , it always comes and goes and doesn't last for long. It doesn't hurt too much just a very annoying sensation. I mostly feel it on the top of my penis head but sometimes I feel it in the shaft and most of the time it's on the left side of my penis. I do however feel better once I urinate and I'm able to avoid this sensation for quite a while after I urinate but it still hasn't gone away. So basically I've started drinking lots of water but now I obviously have to go pee a lot more often. I also noticed that if I avoid masturbation for a while it occurs even less. I even noticed tiny white dots on my penis in random pattern( sometimes i think i see it in a line don't know if I'm imagining it ! ) on the left side near the opening but these dots only appear when my penis head is dry, It doesn't go away if I put water on it but goes off I think when my penis sweats or secrets something ? I dunno point is , the dots are visible when my penis is dry and not visible when it's wet ( and by wet I mean not wetted by water) I am 25 years old and I don't have any of the symptoms of an STD like burning pain while urinating or any yellow discharges etc. I was checking out other forums and it seems a lot of people have this condition and nobody is clear on the answer. Does anyone here know what's really going on ??
    counterso responded:
    Well, it's no longer an escort when you have sex, it becomes something illegal, but that's not your question.

    There are many STDs that have no outward symptoms, and even those that do have identifiable symptoms may not manifest all or some of those symptoms even when you have the STD.

    First thing is to get screened, since even oral sex should be protected sex, especially with someone who is willing to have sex for money.

    As for the dots, they may have always been there, and you're only noticing now because of the new sensation. Or they may be new. It's going to be a challenge to identify them unless they're inspected, so the screening should be beneficial in that respect.

    As far as this specific non-continuous sensation, there are a number of things that could be going on. It could obviously be a symptom of STD. It could be an allergy. It could be a little left-over trauma to soft tissue from vigorous sexual contact. It could be a parasite, such as from seafood.

    So, lots of possibilities, but the way to figure it out is to start eliminating options one by one until you find what's left. Sorry that's not a very specific answer, but the symptoms are not discreet enough to identify the situation on their own.
    kamonerasai replied to counterso's response:
    Hi thank you for your reply , I know diagnosis over the internet is hard but I can't see a doctor right now because of my location but I will as soon as I get the chance till then I'm looking for any answers so that I can better prepare myself.

    Nowadays I hardly feel the sensations I think the drinking lots of water plus not masturbating has helped in that , but I've noticed a cluster of tiny closely bound bumps that look a bit whitish and similar to the color of my penis skin. These bumps are on the right side of my penis's opening parallel to it , there's also 2 or 3 bumps closely bound just below the upper ones so all together it looks like some sort of a line. There's also another similar small bumpy line further down to the right perpendicular to the previous ones. These bumps do not itch or burn or cause any discomfort and I do not having any painful burning while peeing or any weird discharges. They also do not resemble any cauliflower shape or look like those pics of herpes or warts on the net. They are also too small to tell if it is pus filled. I've also noticed similar clusters on the inside of my foreskin. I don't know how long its been there as its only recently I started searching for signs. The bumps mostly feel flat and maybe just a little raised but can't tell for sure however they look raised and bumpy like.

    Are these warts or herpes ? I read online that you can't get genital warts by receiving oral sex is that true ? I know it's hard to say over the internet and I will find a doctor soon but till then I just need some answers to better prepare myself. I've attached some pics so you can see what I'm talking about however they aren't very clear you can just barely make out the line of dots. Once again thank you so much for helping out.
    counterso replied to kamonerasai's response:
    I can't see anything looking like spots from the photos. There are lots of "spots" that are naturally occurring like fordyce or papules. There are discolorations common to fungus and yeast. There are warts that don't raise the skin but do block blood flow (so look white). I just don't know. I think you're going to have to show this to a urologist when you can get access to one if you're still concerned.
    saulman24 replied to kamonerasai's response:
    I have these exact symptoms after unprotected vaginal sex with an escort 4 days ago. Although I have not developed any bumbs yet, But i GET tingling/stabbing sensation every once in a while near my penis tip and and around shaft sometimes...mostly the penis tip.
    A day after exposure, I started having immense flu like symptoms, my neck, my left arm, my lower body including thighs and legs ached a lot. I dont know if its the effect of possible STD as everyone says no STD shows symptom that quick.
    Anyway, I just wanted to know if you got to find what it was in the end, I see you post this around 10 months ago. What was the final result man?
    counterso replied to saulman24's response:
    Saulman, aside from the obvious flaw in unprotected sex, there are many kinds of infections that show symptoms immediately, and they don't necessarily have to have come from genital contact. Mouth contact is the easiest way to spread these other germs, as well as things you touch with your fingers and then your fingers touch your mouth, eyes, nose, etc. Any tingle in the tip of your penis is an early warning you may have some kind of infection. You need to be tested promptly and very seriously see a doctor about your immediate onset of symptoms. The doc will probably scold you, but before you make anyone else ill, get help.
    kamonerasai replied to saulman24's response:
    Hi saulman , I went and showed myself to the doctor and he said I have nothing to worry about , that the dots are most likely enlarged glands. He said I should only worry if I have pain or I bleed or have pus like discharges and since I dont have any of those I'm safe. I also went and got myself tested I gave a blood and urine sample and am negative for HIV and syphillis (vdrl) but I don't think they tested chlamydia. My urine sample is wbc/hpf : 1 -2 , rbc/hpf : 0-1 and epithelial/hpf : 0-1 . Counterso thank you so much for your help so far. Do you think I should go get a chlamydia test as well ?

    Saulman please go get tested or else you will get paranoid like me and make yourself miserable.
    counterso replied to kamonerasai's response:

    If you are sexually active, as I said earlier, an STD screening should be conducted every 6 months, especially if you are not in an exclusive relationship. But even when you are, you should still be regularly tested until you have received the results of three successive tests while both partners are present. Since about 80% of people lie to their partner when they test positive for STDs, it's important that exclusive sexual partners receive their results together.

    At least 1 in 6 sexually active Americans has an STD right now, if not more. If you have a question as to whether a chlamydia test was conducted, refer back to your test results or call the doctor's office to confirm. Syphilis and gonorrhea are relatively common and can be asymptomatic. If you have not been tested for these in the last year, it would be recommended.

    Most GPs don't know very much about penis bumps, so although there are a lot of common and non-worrisome bumps on penises, I wouldn't necessarily trust your GP to know them all, or to make such a broad statement that you only have to worry if the spots are bleeding or pussy. Warts are a prime example of this. They can be quite small and not at all festering, and still be infectious. The RESOURCES page in this forum has a link to many lumps/bumps on penises that can help guide a self-assessment.

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