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jamiepen posted:
I was told my daughter my have Urethra Reflux AKA Reflux nephropathy. She is 12 years old, her main symptom is large amounts of blood in her urine. She has an infection now and had been on Bactrim for 9 days before being switched over to Amoxicillian yesterday. She will be on 3 pills a day for 7 days and then go onto 1 pill a day until Dec 11. Is it normal to see blood in urine over such a long period of time, I'm assuming the bactrim did not work, the doc did not do a urinalisis yesterday.
counterso responded:
You should be reporting the continued appearance of blood to the urologist who prescribed her medication. It could be very important. You can't assume that an antibiotic did not work from just one symptom. And a urinalysis will be inconclusive while taking an antibiotic (easy to get a false negative) so that's probably why it wasn't done.

I'm making the assumption that you're talking about Vesicoureteral reflux. This is usually noticed in infants and children by the increased UTI risk and occurrence. There are two kinds. And sometimes it is treated with medication, other times with surgery. The worry is that infection will cause kidney damage, which is life-threatening. So this is not something you want to let go unsupervised.

ANY time you have a concern about your daughter's condition you should be picking up the phone to the urologist's office and asking questions. He will be most familiar with her case specifics and know how to answer most accurately.

I didn't see an actual question here, so I'm not sure what you want to know.

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