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Weird Bladder/Pelvic/Abdominal and Back Pain
An_252002 posted:

I am a 29 year old male and here is a brief history about me . About two years ago I was diagnosed with Rhabdomylicis due a back injury that I suffered performing deadlift exercise movements. I as admitted to the hospital for 5 days so they could flush me out via PIC line and allow my back to heal. After being discharged from the hospital they performed a follow-up examination and a ultrasound scan on my kidneys to see if I had damaged them. They found 2 stones in one and 1 big one in the other. My doctor was one of those types stating, "If you are not broke and not experiencing pain in your kidneys, then we don't need to proceed with further examinations on your kidneys." This upset me but this was in the military and they are pretty lax when in comes to the medical supervision of their Airman.

About two years later in April, I experienced a weird sensation in my bladder while traveling to Canada for vacation. The feeling came about as if there was constant pressure in my bladder. My bladder almost felt like it was distended. Plus, to add to that I was experiencing lower back pain. There was no higher frequency of urination or burning, just pain. After going to the emergency room, multiple times (taking advantage of my healthcare due to my upcoming military separation) they CT scanned me with dye and found nothing in my kidneys nor my bladder. Even supplying a urine and blood sample, they couldn't find anything.

They diagnosed it as prostatitis and sent me on my way with an anti-biotic doxycicline and naproxen for the pain. Two days later I experienced an extreme amount of pain in my bladder one day, with the urge of having to urinate every 5 minutes with no relief. I couldn't bear it but managed to fall asleep. Next day, nothing. No pain but still a little acheyness in my bladder. After about 3 weeks, everything went away except for the back pain. It remained in as a minor ache.

At the end of September, it started to come back. But this time it started as pain after I urinated. It started off as a mild nocturia where everytime I got up to urinate, there was a mild pain in my bladder. No burning, urine smell, discharge, or higher frequency. After a few days, I felt fatigued and a little nauseous. The pain my back started to get worse and my abdomen started to hurt. My fear was an STD, particulary HERPES because I experienced a minor chafing on my scrotum but I think not due to the chafing being the only symptom and it went away after a few days. Went to the doctor immediately and took a urine sample plus, performed a prostate exam where they extracted fluid from my penis. They saw that my white cell blood count was at 25 from the prostate fluid but no sign of infection or blood in my urine. So they diagnosed it as Chronic Non-Bacterial Prostatitis or Stones. Gave me a weeks worth of doxycicline again and some more naproxen (this doesn't help!).

- I was given, Flowmax, Naproxen and Flexirol from my VA doc to help me deal with the pain and sleep till they can CT Scan me again.
- It is at it's worse when I sleep on my back and at night, resulting in nocturia (between 3-4 am).
- The pain is dulled down throughout the day and varies in intensity but remains as a tightness in my abdomen and pelvic area, with aching pain in my back. Especially after I urinate.
- They think it was also attributed to my high level of stress because of the stress of obtaining my current job.
- Don't have pain when I urinate, no burning, no itching, no discharge, no rash, no higher frequency and no pain during sexual activities. Just bladder/abdomen and back pain.
- This has been happening for around 2 months now and I am starting to get scared that it is something worse.

Can anyone please help me and relieve some of this stress?

counterso responded:
It sounds like your doctors are already providing appropriate care. If you're unsatisfied with your situation, you need to discuss it with your doctor. The complex nature of your situation and history means that only your urologist is going to know what's appropriate for your case. If you're unsatisfied with the urologist you are seeing now, you can seek care from another private urologist instead of the VA, although they're going to subject you to all the tests you've already had to make their own determination.

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