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Still no joy after TURP and bladder neck op
grexob76 posted:

I previously underwent a TURP and bladder neck operation two years ago but, my urine flow has degenerated and is very weak, and urine is retained
I had a cystoscopy procedure last Thursday.
No apparent problems were revealed and the specialist said there was nothing more he could do.

As I have one kidney, I am anxious to have this problem rectified. Can you please advise me if another type of investigation is available.
counterso responded:
Unfortunately there may not be any other options. I'm not clear on what may have been tried prior, and I certainly am not as familiar with the specifics of your situation as your urologist is.

Not all TURP procedures provide a full resolution of the issue that prompted that treatment choice. In many cases, a TURP procedure will allow urine flow, but will ruin control.

Urine retention is certainly a serious issue. And if you are worried about the risk of infection, you may want to discuss with your doctor a prophylactic daily low-dose antibiotic or perhaps a certified cranberry supplement like TheraCran HP, at least until you reduce the risk from your physical complications. Certainly getting a UTI is even more risky for you with one kidney remaining.

You may need another urologist's opinion who can review your case and perhaps arrive at some other options for you. There are likely to be other urologists who have more experience with your situation and who may have explored other treatments. As far as where to look, unfortunately I'm not able to make a specific recommendation.

It is unfortunate that not every treatment is successful in these situations, and the risks have to be weighed against the potential benefits or further complications.
grexob76 replied to counterso's response:
Thanks so much for your reply. I will do as you say and keep fingers crossed. I've started to take a beta sisterol supplement and things seem a little better. Could be a coincidence.
counterso replied to grexob76's response:
Beta sitosterol is going to take 6-8 weeks to build up those sterol levels in the affected tissue. At that point you'll know whether you're one of the 50% of people who benefit from such supplementation in terms of urinary symptoms. Most people use a combination of saw palmetto and beta sitosterol for maximum effect. One that is certified to contain required levels of these ingredients is Prostate SR, going back to the same people who make TheraCran. I mention it only because it's what urologists are using.

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