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Penile vein
slaxymillian posted:
I have a swollen vein (more like bulging) on the middle left side of penile shaft and it hard on touch. It appears in morning and as the day progresses it disappears. It does not hurt but its annoying because its returns every morning. I am age 31. I have no problems with erection. This lasts for 20 days since I noticed. What is it and how to treat the disease? Thanks and sorry for the bad English.
vikvaughn responded:
The way you explain it, your problem is most likely sclerosing lymphangitis. It is discussed at length in this thread:

Pretty much any question you could have regarding this issue is answered in that thread.
counterso replied to vikvaughn's response:
Slaxy, I'm not sure Vik is right on this one. I'm not sure there's anything wrong at all, except that you've noticed a difference in your penis.

What about it do you find annoying? Your penis is going to change over time. Just like veins on the back of your hand will be more prominent as you age, or in your arms if you work out a lot. Stuff moves around in your body.

If this was never associated with any pain, it may just be a new normal for you. If you think it was related to some rough use of your penis, then you may benefit from giving it a few week's rest.

Your body is going to be different in the morning than in the afternoon, just from position. After all, you can change an inch in height while sleeping as your spine decompresses. There's no reason your penis can't also change when gravity and circulation changes after walking around all day.

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