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Post-Vasectomy Semen Test & high # of Ejaculations in a short time span for the "All-Clear"
An_254600 posted:
I understand that post-vasectomy you should get a semen test in 2-3 months and after anywhere from 10-40 ejaculations to be sure you are clear before you have unprotected sex. My question is this: If a person were to have, say, 5 ejaculations a day (whether via masturbation or with a partner shouldn't matter) for 2 weeks (14 days) - for a total of around 70 or more ejaculations, would their semen test likely show all-clear at that point? ...or is there a time element involved with semen dying off that are currently "in the chamber?" I realize that the 2-3 months and 10-40 ejaculations are just guidelines and for some it could take 6+ months....but I'm curious if there has been research or tests that show that a man that has had a vasectomy that ejaculates a LOT - 5+ times a day - would most likely be clear after a week or two of such "frenzied" activity....? [This is after the initial week of NO activity post vasectomy, as it is prudent to hold off on ejaculations for about 7 days after the procedure.> Thanks!
counterso responded:
Because sperm take just under 3 months to mature, the 3 month re-test is the interval set. If you aren't "clearing the chamber" as you say, then you may be storing viable sperm for some period of days.

Masturbating 5x/day will not speed up the process. You would run out of sperm, but not semen, on a normal day and create a false reading of absence. You will still need to wait the 3 months to check the development cycle.

Ejaculating 1-3 times per week for 3 months is normal human behavior. That's where that number comes from. It's not like you've stacked marbles in a chute. Sperm development and ejaculatory processes don't work like that.

Refraining from sexual stimulation after surgery is more about safety and pain than function.

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