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    Pain in pelvic and scrotum area
    An_254606 posted:

    24 hours ago I noticed pain in my pelvic area, and after having a shower and investigating it while in there, I discovered that touching the side/back of my left (left from my perspective) testicle resulted in a sharp pain in the pelvic region. My testicles were also redder then normal. After that I was quite worried however I decided to lie down for a couple of hours and see if it made a difference. It did. After lying down I only had a very mild pain in the pelvic area and touching the testicles/scrotum did not cause any more pain. After going to the toilet and urinating, touching my testicles began to cause pain in my pelvis again.By this time it was 9pm so I decided to leave it over night and see if it got any better. I woke up this morning and there was no pain. Touching the testes/scrotum didn't cause any pain either.

    Now it's been 24 hours since I noticed it and everything seems fine apart from the odd mild pain in my pelvis every hour or so. My scrotum is still redder then the rest of my body, however I attribute that to the many blood vessels in there making it redder. It's also tighter then it used to be - but I am in an air conditioned house so it may be because of the cold. I'm worried I might have had testicular torsion and that the only reason the pain has stopped is because my teste died. This is making me quite worried; Could it be that? Would a dead testicle still be painful? Would it be constant pain? Because my pain stopped when laying/sitting down. I'm worried however since the pain has stopped I don't know what to think. It's rather embarrassing so I'd prefer to only tell my parents if its urgent.

    The main thing i'm worried about is that it could have been testicular torsion and that my teste is dead. Could it have been something else like a urinary tract infection? In any case what should I do? I'm worried but i'm also too embarrassed to tell my parents until it is absolutely necessary.

    counterso responded:
    I'm sorry that no one saw your message sooner. WebMD isn't an ideal place for urgent questions.

    Testicular pain is always considered an emergency, and it takes a doctor to make a proper determination of what the cause is, usually a urologist, since most GPs don't know what they're doing when it comes to genitalia.

    That the pain was brief may be a decent indication that it was only an incident, whatever the cause, and not something severe like torsion, which would not stop being painful, unless you untwisted it yourself.

    There are several things that could cause the sensation you were feeling. It's unfortunate that you find your body's needs an embarrassment. And it is a risk not treating something urgently, especially in this part of your body.

    That said, the next time (hopefully there won't be one) you feel something like that. Be plain about it and simply say that you need to see the doctor because you have a pain that you can't explain, and you're worried because you didn't do anything to cause it. If you have to say where, just say in your pants, at least until you get to the doctor. Your parents don't have to be in the room with you when you see your doctor. But you should be very clear with the doctor, who won't be embarrassed at all. Remember, most general practitioners and family doctors don't know much about genitals, so you may need to be specific enough to see a urologist, but you can take that up with the GP instead of asking in advance for a specialist.

    Hopefully the pain has not returned since your post in the last 4 days. If it has, let me know.

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