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Chronic Lymph Blockage? Hardened Vein?
djmax posted:
Q for counterso:

First of all, thank you for all of your helpful advice; I have learned a great deal from your posts. For the past several years I have been dealing with what I now believe to be either a hardened vein or a clogged lymph channel. It has not bothered me for a few years, but has always been visible and hard to the touch with erections. However, I seem to have made it worse a few weeks ago and after further research came across your posts. I went to see a urologist and he said a lymph blockage would be rare in a circumcised penis and that he thought it was a thrombosed vein (However, it never looks blue to me, just clear.). He put me on a week's worth of 800 mg/3x a day of ibuprofen which did not seem to do anything at all, and made an appointment to see him again in a couple months. I am currently in week three of no sexual activity of any kind and have yet to see any resolution, with it being most pronounced in the morning and with mild discomfort.. So, I guess I have a few questions. 1) How does one go about finding a urologist that has experience with this lymph channel issue? (I live in N. Carolina) and 2) Since this is something that has come and gone a few times over a number of years, what is a realistic time frame of waiting it out until I consider surgery? 3) Is the surgical remedy the same for a thrombosed or hardened vein as it would be for a hardened lymph channel and should I avoid surgery at absolutely all costs or are there track records of success? (My urologist said he could operate, but would not do so until we tried other methods first)

Thank you or anyone for any advice they may be able to provide. max
counterso responded:
Surgery is always a very last resort. The kind of trauma that surgery on your genitals causes can lead to a long list of undesirable complications. Yes, it happens successfully, but it is a high risk of complications in an area you don't like to take risks with.

You can contact the AUA (American Urological Association) and ask for a list of urologists. You can telephone as many of them as you like to ask about your situation without ever having an appointment.

I'm not completely convinced that your described condition is either of the things that has been suggested yet. Lymphangitis is almost always painful. Thrombosis is not always painful.

High-dose anti-inflammatories are not always effective for either condition.

There are certainly venous protrusions that are seemingly rigid, yet are not a medical problem, entirely cosmetic.

The only thing that is at all concerning about it is your report of mild discomfort. Three weeks is not likely sufficient to notice a difference, especially considering the length of time this has been present. It is possible, if sclerosing lymphangitis, that the sclerosis (scarring) is now permanent because it went unresolved for so long. I don't know. I am not a doctor and haven't examined it obviously.

Good luck in evaluating a new urologist who may provide better treatment.
vikvaughn replied to counterso's response:

There is a urologist named SB Broaddus, you can look him up, he made a study on Surgical removal of sclerosing lymphangitis of the penis. I still can't find the full text with pictures..If mine doesn't get better, I will be talking to him, and probably will anyway, shortly.
Also, I want to say that it may be called Sclerosing Lymphangitis, but that's just what they call it for lack of a better name. Real sclerosing lymphangitis (in the rest of the body) has infection as a cause. 90% of medical studies examining SL of the penis report "painless induration", though I obviously agree it sure can be painful if made bad enough, it doesn't have to be. I also don't agree there has to be scarring, I don't think I'm scarred and I'm a worst of the worst case. So I think sclerosing is the wrong word as well.
I doubt there is any evidence of anyone having scarring from this.
djmax responded:
Thank you both very much! Mine is definitely a cord like structure that I can roll around. The most recent urologist I saw was leaning more toward vein issue than lymph, but I guess my question is when it really comes down to it, what difference does it make? Are they both treated the same way? A protruding vein could certainly be the diagnosis as it inflates when erect (but is not blue), but friction and prolonged erections certainly aggravate it, so I'm hopeful there is something that will resolve or rectify it. Is it possible that this is just a superficial vein that gets inflamed from sexual activity and takes a while to calm down? The equivalent of a varicose vein? It is a bit ugly when erect, but so far my wife hasn't said it bothers her.

Again, thank you, I greatly appreciate your comments and taking the time to offer insights.

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