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Mole getting removed near penis, how long does it take to be normal?
An_255694 posted:
I will have a little operation to get removed a mole on my penis, they will use dissolvable stitches. How long does it take for me to have sex after surgery? I have a date in a week after the surgery. Will it take more than a week.? Thank you.
counterso responded:
This is a question for the doctor performing the surgery. No one else knows the details in sufficient a manner to answer your question.
charlito replied to counterso's response:
Thanks, I changed my mind. I will not get it removed. I think it is normal to have flaws, no need to focus on it.
counterso replied to charlito's response:
If it's just a freckle, you're correct. If it's a mole that has grown there, your doctor can tell you whether it is of potential concern or not. You will get freckles all kinds of places you don't necessarily want them as you age.

Most likely if you did have surgery, you would want to refrain from sex for a month to be on the safe side. Additionally, any surgery on your penis, even minor, is considered traumatic, and can have serious side effects, even if just from the anxiety of it. Surgery in your genital area is only recommended when there is a serious risk from not having it.
charlito replied to counterso's response:
Thank you very much, I don't think it is a serious risk. It is not a freckle, it is a mole, but I have it from my childhood, even maybe from birth, I don't remember exactly, but I know that it never changed any shape or color, it has same color with my skin, and it doesn't hurt or something like that. I think it is meaningless to get it removed.

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