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    Pulled Testicle
    An_255998 posted:
    About 4 weeks ago I accidentally pulled my right testicle while in the shower (don't ask). It hurt, not horribly, but enough to know I had pulled something more than I should have. The pain & discomfort lasted for the rest of the night, but by the next day it had completely gone. It was completely fine for about a week, but then on a long car ride the pain suddenly came back.

    It wasn't bad, just slight pain localized more toward the right pubic area & a bit down to my scrotum. Sometimes it would almost feel like a slight burning sensation. The testicle itself doesn't hurt and nothing is swollen. There's no pain during urination/erection, and everything else seems fine. They both still pull up the same when I cough/flex.

    The pains comes & goes, and it usually occurs when sitting down for long periods of time. I work at an office job and am sitting down most of the day, so it usually sets in in the morning but by the evening it starts to subside. After a shower when I'm relaxing in bed the pain is essentially gone. I'm thinking it's a strained cremaster muscle, and I've read that can take some time to fully heal. I started wearing briefs for support and started taking some Aleve and that seems to have helped. It also seems being upright and in motion actually relieves the pain. Stretching seems to help as well.

    Also I've had some sciatic problems before due to my job, and it seems when this pain began my right sciatica flared up again for a few days. It almost seemed like when my leg hurt, my groin pain came back and vice-versa. I switched to a new chair and started stretching at work, so the sciatica has subsided, but the groin pain is not completely gone yet.

    I was putting off going to the doctor, since the pain has gotten so mild & intermittent, but it still there, so I'll have to make an appointment.

    Any ideas what it could be? Cremaster muscle? Some sort of related sciatic nerve pain? Thanks.
    counterso responded:
    Of the guesses you offered, the irritation of your sciatic nerve is the most likely. Realize that this nerve is almost as thick as your little finger, and it goes to a nerve plexus with so much "noise" that any distress of this nerve can be misread by your brain as coming from somewhere it's not actually coming from.

    While it's always a good idea to wear supportive underwear, even more supportive than briefs (a jockstrap) if you feel testicular discomfort, I am saying that the feeling you attribute to your testicle may not be coming from there at all. Your brain might only think it is, but erroneously because of your sciatica.

    That said, it can't be ruled out that there might actually be an issue with your testicle. Any pain in the testes is considered an EMERGENCY. Please treat it as such.
    singularity8472 replied to counterso's response:
    Thanks for the reply counterso. The pain is basically gone.

    Now this probably also due to my sciatic problem or related nerve irritation, but what Im just noticing now is just a bit of sensitivity around the base of the penis on the right side and pubic area, and sometimes a bit in my inner thigh. Its not painful, and its more of a surface pain or tenderness to the touch or if i move around. Its intermittent, and it only happens after long periods of sitting or if im wearing a belt and when my pants tighten up around my lower abdomen when sitting. Once i get up and start moving around or loosen my belt & relax my abdomen the pain & tenderness completely disappear almost instantly. Almost like theres a nerve being pinched that starts to irritate my groin, or poor circulation. When wearing pijamas or moving around and walking the pain is completely gone just like nothing ever happened and I feel great, but as soon as I sit down & things get tight, the sensitivity slowly comes back. I notice it more during the week when im at work sitting all day, but on the weekends it completely goes away. Again, no pain in the testicles or during urination or anything, just this slight sensitivity every now & then. Its strange that its just now acting up, as ive been at my current job for years and have never had any significant issues with pain down there, just the occasional sciatic irritation. Maybe my body has finally had enough of my sedentary job.

    Hoping its just some irritated nerve. Gonna try wearing my belt looser & just stretching more often at work & see if that helps.

    Any other ideas would be appreciated, thanks!
    counterso replied to singularity8472's response:
    Your belt has nothing to do with the situation. Please see an appropriate doctor for your sciatic nerve pain. I cannot help you.

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