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Urge to urinate constantly (eve.
stanj028 posted:

I'm a 21 year old male.

When I am at a place where I am sitting for a long period of time (such as work as I am an office worker, cinema etc) I seem to have a bit of an issue in the sense I constantly have the feeling that I need to pee.

I go to the toilet and literally 15 mins later I need to go again, to which I can pee every time (and sometimes I have what I consider a big pee then when I go the next time it can be just as much again) and I know it's a bit descriptive but after going, when I sit back down at my desk I feel wet down there which feels like I might have leaked a bit after going. The urges start usually within half hour of me getting to work!

Because of the above I do not tend to drink a lot at work as it worries me that it could get worse, my pee is usually clear or normal coloured ALTHOUGH- on a few (rare) ocasions I have peed a cloudy colour which seemed to have a bit of a clear/oily layer floating on it which is a bit odd!

It is a bit embarrassing for me to keep getting up but I get the building (not sudden) urge to go and feel it could trickle out if I did nothing!

Most times I go to the cinema I get up twice through a movie to go.

I also tend to 'hold/press' down there a lot (like a kid does when they need to go) or cross my legs which has seemed to have caused my skin to go dry, red and slightly stinging (this is not an STD because I got checked in college a few years back and well... I'm a virgin still!)

I was wondering if anyone could know what this could be? It has been ongoing for some time now and is getting a bit niggling.

Is there anything I could do/ drink/eat that could reduce this?

Thank you in advance,

counterso responded:
Hi Stan,

The problem may have originally been caused by your waiting too long to go, or trying to suppress the urge. The stress put on the structures that signal and restrict urinary flow (preventing wetting accidents) can be harmed by clenching, sitting on your foot, or just waiting too long.

Post-void dribbling can often be a result of this, as can urinating at a urinal without fully removing any pressure from clothing on your penis, plus the muscles you use to stop the flow.

Anyway, it sounds like something you should discuss with a urologist, to make an actual determination of whether this is a mild condition that will allow you to retrain your muscles to void correctly, or if it's something more serious that requires some treatment.

I'm pretty sure I've posted in this forum about post-void dribbling (and retraining related to that) before, so you might search this forum for that discussion.

Above all my speculation, your situation is a problem and one that a urologist should be able to help you with.

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