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Bump and bulging vein on my flaccid penis
jaybagel posted:
For a long time, I have noticed this strange bump on the left side of my flaccid penis. This bump is attached to a thick, long bulging area that I could only assume to be a vein, though other veins in my penis are smaller and thinner. Sometimes the bulging vein/area isn't that thick and sometimes when I'm flaccid the bump isn't there but the bulging part isn't as intense. Is there any reason why I'd have this happening? In my opinion, I do not believe it is erectile dysfunction, my measurements are above average and I get erections regularly. There is no pain at all and it doesn't hurt if it were pressed on or touched. I've noticed the bump and bulging area go away when I get an erection. I do frequently masturbate, could this be a likely cause? I have no other explanation, but any thoughts or questions are appreciated. I would post a picture to be able to explain this more visually but I don't think it would be appropriate.
counterso responded:
Veins are blue. If it's not blue, it's not a vein, likely it's a lymph channel. The shape of the venous structures below the surface of the skin on your penis will change over time with use. The more you use your penis, the more obvious these kinds of changes are likely to be. Just like any part of your body that gets use, changes happen.

If it's not painful and not increasing in size to any noticeable degree, then it's probably normal. If you have specific concerns about it, please visit a urologist so they can look at it and make an accurate determination.

E.D. has nothing to do with the look of your penis, only the function.

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