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Small Spots/Bump Under Veins
An_256474 posted:

I'm 22 and at the end of January, possibly after masturbating (I can no longer remember), I noticed two spot type growths had appeared on my penis, around 1 cm below the glans on the top side of the shaft.

The one on the left is relatively flat whereas the one on the right is shaped like a typical pimple. However, if I pull the skin around, they'll both flatten futher, with the more 'pointed' spot losing its 'tip'.

Initially, I thought they were vein coloured, as if the veins themselves had swollen but if I manipulate the skin directly around/on top of the spots, they will become closer to normal skin tone.

I wouldn't describe them as hard although I do think they are more firm and perhaps more noticeable when my penis is erect. It may also be worth noting that I actually can't fully tell (by sight or feel) if they're separate or connected by a small, less prominent cord, making the 'spots' more like a single warped, rounded rectangle bump.

I haven't experienced any pain or discomfort, nor have the spots changed in size, as far as I can tell. I had already made an appointment with my GP for early February so I used that opportunity to speak with him about this too. I asked if they were benign while he inspected the spots and he said yes and that there was nothing to worry about. For whatever reason, I forgot to ask what the spots were and whether I should be doing anything to help them heal.

I understand that use of images is restricted but through Google I have found a couple that depict my problem almost 100% perfectly, right down to the size, colour, location, etc. I have added them to this post in the hope that it'll help someone provide me with a more accurate response.

After that, I will remove them ASAP (I have the deletion links bookmarked).

Over the last two months, I have not masturbated or had sex and have tried to limit contact with my penis. Unfortunately this has meant dealing with nocturnal emissions and I'm becoming quite frustrated. What worries me, as shown in the images, is that the veins are quite thin and inconspicuous except where the spots are, as if there's something putting pressure on them from underneath.

Could anyone offer some advice? Is this bump or these spots or whatever a common thing, maybe just a result of wear or attrition? I don't want to continue like this for another four months just to eventually find out that there's nothing wrong and that my penis has only changed superficially and there's nothing I can do.

counterso responded:
Check the resource links at for penile lumps and bumps and look at the listing for Tyson Glands. Your GP probably doesn't know anything about penises except the worst stuff.
An_256474 replied to counterso's response:
Apologies if I'm missing something obvious here but according to the article, Tyson glands appear around the frenulum. Are you implying that these can also appear on the shaft and potentially below the surface of the skin as well? I do have Fordyce spots but only on the outside of the foreskin.

Looking down the page, these look more like a small lymphocele type bump(s) that reside below the veins causing them to protrude (the first image I posted shows this better).
counterso replied to An_256474's response:
I'm sorry, but you're going to need to have your penis inspected by a urologist who can make an actual determination. Your photos only showed them near the head of your penis. Stop self-diagnosing and get a doctor's assistance. It will end the worry.

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