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Small bumps under shaft of penis
jeffn77 posted:
Hey, I've only gotten oral before without a condom this was about 4-5 months ago. I've recently noticed some small bumps underneath my penis shaft. It's NOT pearly penile papules because I've had those and had them removed, that those were around the head of the penis. I've used clearasil on my shaft (bad idea) before I noticed these bumps. Could it be a reaction? I'm not sure how long I've had these small bumps, they are really tiny and I have to really look to see them but you can feel them when I'm fully erected. I'm not sure what it could be? Ingrown hair? I do shave down there, and actually shaved down there recently before seeing these bumps. They are just under the penis (up from the testicles, that side). There is none on my testicles however. What could this be?
jeffn77 responded:
I also don't think they are fordyce spots, because I do have those aswell I think, but these bumps are alittle different.
counterso responded:
Please look at the LINKS reference section for a review of the most common bumps/spots on penises.

Shaving could certainly do it. Clearasil is not appropriate and will burn such sensitive skin.

Clogged or irritated hair follicles are usually treated with shampoo containing coal tar (such as T-Gel).

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