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Irritation after masturbating in the shower - please help
An_257216 posted:
This may seem strange but I was masturbating in the shower, with my penis in the stream of the water because it felt good. A while later, I went to pee and noticed my penis was quite shriveled up and looked like it was swollen. When I urinated, a decent amount of sperm exited first, more than I've ever seen. Since then, I've had this strange irritation in my penis and my penis feels a little swollen still. It's almost been 5 days and it doesn't seem to be getting any better. When I drink lots of water, it does not hurt and not irritated at all. When I don't drink water, I have troubles urinating and there is slight discomfort. I went to the doctor and they tested for clym and ghon, both negative. Anyone experience something similar before? Any comments would really be appreciated. I'm pretty worried.
counterso responded:
It sounds like you simply handled your penis too roughly and now it's inflamed, like an "Indian burn." Your penis is unlike any other structure in your body, and is more easily injured than most people think. You need to leave it alone for a couple weeks, until the swelling and discomfort has been gone for a whole week, before you touch it again for anything other than to urinate. If pain increases or you are otherwise worried, please see a urologist. Your GP will not know what to do.

It's concerning that you describe what sounds like a retrograde ejaculation, which can occur when you clamp down on your penis to hold back ejaculation. This is dangerous in terms that it can permanently damage the valves the operate to separate urine and ejaculation, resulting in ejaculations that dribble instead of shoot.

You should never see semen exit during urination, that's a problem to see a urologist about. I bring it up because you said "more than I've ever seen" as if you see it often. It's possible that there is other white sludge in your urine, such as from early kidney stone formation, but if you are seeing white sludge in your urine at any time, you must see a urologist to determine what kind of problem it is.

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