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Changes in Penis color
mlsmayfair posted:
My Husbands penis has changes color. It has become really white,like a sheet of paper. He is Diabetic and just saw his Doctor and had all of his levels done and they are excellent. His doctor said they are in fact that of someome who does not have Diabetes. Only his Cholestrol is slightly high and has to be put on medication for it for 90 days to bring it down. He doesn't have ''Low T'' either, he had that test done too and everything is fine. He is urinating good and frequently. there is no pain,burning,or bleeding. He has not suffered an injury to his penis either. I'm sure we need to see a Urologist for this,I just like do my homework before I go to any Doctor to have some idea as to what we could be possible dealing with.
counterso responded:
It sounds like a fungal infection, and you would probably be better to see a dermatologist before a urologist if he has no other symptoms.
mlsmayfair replied to counterso's response:
Thank you for your reply. We contacted a Urologist and they said it didn't sound serious to them and for us to contact our frimary care physcian or get one if we don't have one. I think we will go that route first and hear what they have to say first. Thanks again.
counterso replied to mlsmayfair's response:
If your primary care physician doesn't know what to tell you, you may then choose to see a dermatologist. Not many primaries know much about penises, although more of them know about skin fungus and such.

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