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Testicle lumps/pain
dude9749 posted:
I have lumps that appear on my testicles especially after standing for long periods of time and sometimes after exercise and ejaculation.(the lumps vary in location, size and testicle that they are on) The lumps are not painful and they usually disappear after taking it easy like sitting or sleeping. Also just recently I have had a pain in my left testicle like someone has lightly kicked me(the pain is light to moderately light) the pain only appears when I walk or move a certain way. When the pain does occur it seems to correspond at the same time with a pain in my lower stomach about where my intestines are. Does anyone know what this is or have any suggestions until I have time to make it to the doctor, it could be over a week before I get into to see one.
Eugenio311 responded:
It sounds like you have slight indirect inguinal hernias, possibly bilateral, from what you posted. Your doc should be able to make the diagnosis and recommend treatment.
counterso responded:
Well, if it's really your testicles, not just your scrotum, then that sounds pretty weird that it would change so rapidly. While it could be some kind of hydrocele, they're usually not treated unless they are very large or if they are painful. If the lumps are in the cords that come from your abdomen to your testicles, that sounds like a varicose vein issue (varicocele) which is common, but again, not usually treated unless large or painful. If the lumps are more in the pubic bone region or crotch, then Eugenio is probably right that you have hernia(s). While you're waiting for your doctor's appointment (and you should make one promptly), be careful not to do things that cause you to strain or bear down, which could quickly amplify issues, especially hernia.
dude9749 replied to counterso's response:
Thanks for the help, but I went to the doctor about a month ago and she said, that she we 99% certain that it was a hydrocele and nothing to worry about.
dude9749 replied to Eugenio311's response:
Thanks for the help and I went to the doctor and she said she thinks its a hydrocele and not to worry about it.
dude9749 responded:
Oh by the way as for the pain in the lower stomach she thinks it was probably a digestion for the most part. And for the most part the problem doesn't bother too much now.
counterso replied to dude9749's response:
A hydrocele is something to keep an eye on. They can change in size and come and go. If it continues to cause discomfort, it may call for a surgical correction to fix the hydrocele. Don't just suffer from pain.

Now, I wouldn't take the generic advice of a regular internist (assuming that she's not a urologist since there are so few female urologists, and those that are tend to only see women). If you have pain again, see an actual urologist, not a general practitioner. A regular doctor knows as much about your genitals as you know about tuning a piano.

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