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What is this hard "vein" and swelling on my penis?
counterso posted:
Veins in your penis will usually have a blue color, but sometimes you may have what looks like a "vein" appear that wasn't there before, but it's something else. It may be accompanied by some swelling, particularly around the corona (head) of your penis, and often it appears after some vigorous sexual activity.

This is often a lymph channel inflammation. Lymph channels usually follow near blood vessels, but the lymph system has no pump to move the fluid. Irritation of soft tissue, such as prolonged masturbation, vigorous intercourse, or even confinement, can cause an irritation of the lymph channels, particularly below the head (corona) of your penis.

It is usually accompanied by some discomfort, especially when further irritated by additional handling. The swelling may be mild or severe. Your doctor may recommend a supervised regimen of high-dose anti-inflammatory drugs for a prolonged time period (do not try this on your own). This may or may not help.

Treatment REQUIRES leaving the area alone. That means no sex or masturbation until at least a week after it appears to be completely healed. If you aggravate the area, the swelling is very likely to get worse or persist longer. These inflammatory situations usually disappear on their own as suddenly and mysteriously as they appear. It may take 2-6 weeks for it to go away, but make sure you give additional time to heal so the irritation doesn't come right back.

Some exchange members have also tried a cream that helps clear lymph congestion to speed up the healing process (found under Resources in this Exchange). Use with caution if you decide to try this.
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dadokhan replied to counterso's response:
Dear All i also had the same problem started five days before......i had taken help from reading above posts thanks to all especially counterso....
I an recovered in just one day..........How????
on first day i checked on internet and found above post and did accordingly didn't applied any thing or took any medicine.....But after two days the swelling was increased.......i found that even you dont masturbate or sexual intercourse still when you wear paint it touches your organ and disturb the healing process or even increase the problem as i found in my case then i had an idea just take toilet tissue roll and wrap it to your organ as tightly a tissue can hold.....
this was a simple solution....amazingly on fifth day and after using that tip just in 6 Hours all the swelling is finished...
i am not with medical background but i can analyze this as following
1. when you wrap tissue then its isolated the organ and help to heal.
2. as counterso explain there are no blood pump here to get back the blood so when its slightly tighten by tissue it helps to get back.....
Counterso Please comment .....and thanks a lot for your detailed information and guidance above.....
counterso replied to dadokhan's response:
Unless your pants are incredibly tight, the amount of friction you get should not be enough to further irritate your penis. It is not trapped blood, rather it is inflamed lymph channels (which mostly follow parallel pathways to blood vessels), and with the inflammation (like swollen lymph nodes you get when you have a cold or flu), stuff just doesn't move until the inflammation is resolved.

Cushioning your penis is unlikely to have been the reason it resolved. If you ask a urologist, they will tell you that lymphangitis disappears as suddenly and mysteriously as it appears. Sometimes this is a week, sometimes it's a few months. Its resolution can be related to how much inflammation there initially is, or it may not have any correlation to anything and just resolve when it does no matter what you do to try and aid the process.

Keep in mind that even after the swelling goes away, you want to refrain from irritating (masturbating, sexual contact) the area for at least a week more. Although the surface may look "normal" it's likely to still be somewhat irritated beneath the surface.
zod000 replied to counterso's response:
So I felt like I had what was previously described about 6 weeks ago - a hard vein like thing - and so I ordered the cream. The problem is that a few days after initially using it the vein on the top of my penis (dorsal) swelled up even more! It's all been relatively painless (a dull ache here and there) but I'm worried that the cream made it much worse. Is this possible? And why would the other veins expand as well?
I'm getting blue spider veins too.
I feel like the situation is worsening, hopefully seeing urologist next week.
It's really starting to become scary.
counterso replied to zod000's response:
Maybe you are having an allergic reaction to something in the cream? There are many ingredients. It does increase micro-circulation, but it is a temporary effect, and would not cause swelling. It is for the opposite effect. I would stop using it right away since you may be allergic, and see your doctor promptly.
petemeet replied to ThisisWill's response:
ThisisWill: I came to this website because I had the same condition - a sudden appearance of a swollen vein & some parts that are hard around my penis. I'm not sure how I got this but I just came from the beach & maybe it has something to do with that, maybe not. But I got the idea of using apple cider vinegar, but unlike you, I didn't drink it but actually applied it around the affected areas of my penis. I started doing this only this morning (about 3 to 4x a day application) and tonight I was surprised to see the vein considerably shrunken. I'm going to continue with this regimen, and hopefully see it fully flattened. I've also stopped masturbating & touching my penis too much.
counterso replied to petemeet's response:
It's withholding masturbation and sex that is making a difference. The vinegar can do nothing except make your penis smell sour. When you have an inflammatory condition, stimulating the area (with contact) makes it worse, so refraining from masturbation is the best remedy.

Vinegar does not move lymph fluid, which is what is congested, and needs to resolve on its own. You're relating lymph congestion to a remedy for stings. Any benefit is likely coincidental. You're more likely to benefit from anti-inflammatory medicine like Advil in a supervised high dose. Talk to your doctor about taking 600mg ibuprofen 3x/day for a week and if it is safe for you considering any other health concerns you may have at the moment.
petemeet replied to counterso's response:
you're right. i stopped applying the vinegar & just stopped touching & masturbating for more than a week. i didn't even have to take any anti-inflammatory medicine. happy to say that my penis is back to normal. thanks for all the help and info!
Sammygreentea responded:
What is the movable tiny hard lump under the penile shaft skin which I have had for almost 10 years but this last year has grown to 5mm, it's painless and only recognizable while erection, I showed it to a skin specialist and couldn't find it while the penis was flaccid and he said don't worry, but still I can recognize it while erection, I want to make sure it's nothing important specially because it has grown. I am now 23 and I have for quite a long time. Thanks so much
counterso replied to Sammygreentea's response:
It could be a small cyst that only appears when it is displaced by your erection. To diagnose, you will probably need an erection during an appointment with a urologist. Always of some concern because of changes in size, but it may be inconsequential. Good that you notice changes in your body and are willing to consult an expert. A dermatologist however is probably not the right expert.
zero365 replied to counterso's response:
hello counterso ! i have the same problem in my penis for about 2-3 months ! I did not abstain from masturbation and sex .. if i abstain from them it will be ok ? please help me,i am very anxious,thank you
zero365 replied to zero365's response:
exactly looks like this

the only difference being a little more big..i wait for an answer , thank you
Llpleger responded:
I am 23 year old male. My girlfriend has herpes, I don't, but about 4 weeks ago I got a red irritation directly under the head of my penis. I wrote it off to a friction irritation that I get time to time. They usually heal and go away with in a few days, but this was different. There never was an pain or discomfort, but it also never went away. It looked like there was three separate sores right next to each there. They did not have any of the characteristic of herpes nor did I have any of the other common symptoms. But I did develop a few other symptoms. Swelling around the penis, swelling of the lymph glands in my groin, and a hard "vein" the Runs from the base of my penis up to about 1/4 from the head and around the head of my penis. The above article is the only thing I have found the has matched that symptom. The vein does cause a little pain while I have an erection and during intercourse/masturbation. Also I have had issues was premature ejactulation. We have stopped having sex and I have stopped masturbation, but the symptoms have gotten any better. I am wondering if I have what the article is talking about or if I should go see a doctor about it? Also if anyone has any idea what condition may fit my symptoms better and what I can do about it. Thanks
counterso replied to Llpleger's response:
You should certainly see a urologist because you had sores appear on your penis. While they could be localized inflammation from lymphangitis like this thread describes, it could also be something else. As far as the time to heal, lymphangitis can take weeks or even several MONTHS to resolve. The resolution is as unpredictable as its appearance.
Llpleger replied to counterso's response:
could the lymphangitis be a result of the sore? The sore was the first symptom and it did show signs and still is showing signs of being infected. I dont have much knowledge about anything medical, but i thought the lymph system is active to help support my immune system especially when infections accure. it seems logical that the infection of the sore on my penis caused my lymph system to take a great effect in that area of my body. Then there was some kind of clot or blockage cause the the lymphangitis. what my concern is that the usual cause of lymphangitis is a trauma to the effected area, but i didnt have rough sex and i didnt/dont masturbate in a rough or traumatizing way. I guess my question is: Are there other causes for lymphangitis?
counterso replied to Llpleger's response:
No, lymphangitis is underneath the skin, it does not have a surface component. You could have an immune reaction that causes lymphatic swelling, however an infection is something that needs medical treatment, not self-care, especially on your penis.

Since your penis has no muscles, the lymph channels there do not get massaged by movement of your body to move the lymph fluid in anywhere near the amount that happens in your limbs or other body areas. It's partly why the lymph channels in you penis are more likely to remain irritated when they become so.

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