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Quick Onset Double Vision
Mumof3kidz posted:
Had the weirdest sensation happen today. I work on a computer 8-12 hours per day 5+ days per week. I also was diagnosed with open angle glaucoma over 10 years ago and am on eye drop treatments-it and my pressures are currently under control. I also suffer from migraine headaches too. Out of the blue today around 10 am or about I started to see double worse when I look down then when I look up and when using both eyes to focus. I really have no other symptoms other than being nauseous when I try to look at things with both eyes open. I also have a family history of aneurysm (my mother passed away at 55 from an aneurysm) and strokes (my dad had TIAs at 63 as well as massive stroke at 65). I'm scared that this might be a neurological problem and am not sure which doctor to see. Any ideas?
jannybug responded:
Same thing happened 8 years ago, however I would talk to the computer after a week of these occurrences. I knew there was a problem - and I had a security clearance! After several exams, Opthamologist found viscous gel sack detached from my retina and I was going blind. After surgery, things were alittle better but not good enough. NOW, the bummer of this is that it was found that I had a TIA (mini stroke) at the time and no one knew. Neuro exams believe so many hours in front of the screen had possibly been one of my down falls. Family history: brother, older, is now experiencing same things, Strokes on Motherside, Father was almost blind in his left eye. BOTh of our problems are in the left.
If brain isn't letting you see, get CT to show any damaged areas; get arterial artery scan to rule out; and last (so far) find one of the best neurosurgical doctors that you can. My problem stems from there. It only took me 30 years to figure this out. DON"T WAIT. Keep questioning, asking, looking at your own x-rays in the office. AND request a copy of any CT,MRI, periperal exam and copies of the radiologist notes to take with you. They HAVE to do that! I've got all of mine ... unfortunately still testing and tracking, hoping not to have another TIA too soon. GOOD LUCK and pay close attention to what your body is telling you. It works quickly - migraines have been constant for 5 weeks God Bless & be with you.

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