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Adult grommet has made hearing worse
cineman54 posted:
Hi, I had a sudden loss of about one-third of my hearing in Sept. 2012. I had an itch in my ear & scratched it, only to get a loud pop sound in my ear, followed by a large amount of pain & this partial deafness. Just the other day, I found something that said it may be a perforated eardrum. Anyhow, I have seen an ENT about three times before the grommet insertion in my right ear. I also saw about four doctors & nurses of whom half said I definitely had fluid behind my eardrum & the other half said I definitely didn't!? Hearing tests showed I had lowered hearing in my right ear, so my ENT went ahead with the grommet op. During this, he put anaesthetic paste in my ear which chilled my whole neck below the ear & made my head spin like a top for about ten minutes, during which time I completely lost my balance. When he cut the eardrum open, he said there wasn't any fluid behind the ear at all! Yet he still went ahead & fitted the grommet (Ten days ago). Now of course, I have gone almost completely deaf in that ear & have a lot of pressure & a truckload of anxiety & panic attacks, as this is the most unnatural feeling in the world! I saw another ENT the next day, who said 'all looks fine, but you need to give it about 6-8 weeks to settle down'. Well I am seeing my ENT about 8 weeks after the op, but don't know how I can keep going till then, I'm not sleeping well & wake every morning to the feeling of having something large & solid stuck in my ear. Could anyone please tell me if this ever 'settles down' as they say it will? I have found nothing but horror stories on the internet, some say hearing returns immediately (mostly in children), some say it's better after a few weeks & some say it never improves??? I had an ingrown toenail problem once & found tons of helpful information about this, but about ENT & grommets there is almost nothing, unless you are a child. I am very frustrated by all this. If my own ENT would just sit down & explain what is going on & what to expect, that would help a lot, but I am told that there is no one who can or will do this. Please help, someone.
cineman54 responded:
Also, if anyone has any suggestions of anything that can be done to at least relieve this, I would be grateful. I am taking an NSAID to try to reduce any inflammation, I don't know if it is doing any good. Thanks.
atti_editor responded:
Hi cineman54,

I am sorry that you are experiencing this. Has your hearing returned at all since you posted this? If you are still experiencing problems, you might want to post your question over in our Ear, Nose, & Throat Community . The members there might have some experience with what you are going through and may be able to offer some advice.

Best wishes,

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