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High 'Mean Platelet Volume' and high 'Lymphocytes' in Complete Blood Count(CBC) test?
ashish123 posted:
I am 22 male and I feel completely normal and fit. Got a CBC test and found out that I have higher 'Mean Platelet Volume' and 'Lymphocytes'. Everything else is in normal range. Do i need to worry about it? [br>[br>Some info; [br>Mean Platelet Volume: 13.4 Ref:(6.8-10.9) [br>White Blood Cell Count: 6.3 Ref(4.0-10.0) [br>Segmented Neutrophils: 46 Ref:(40-80%) [br>Eosinophils 2 Ref(1-6%) [br>Lymphocytes: 50 Ref(20-40%) [br>[br>Complete info: See picture


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