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Concerns with Lupus and Pellet stoves?
lacella posted:
I live with my parents in a duplex farm house. They have one end and I have the other end. My parents are talking about getting a Pellet Wood Stove. I've read a lot online about wood stoves being bad for lupus and asthma which I also have. However, I haven't seen much about the Pellet wood. Should I be concerned? What is your opinion about Lupus and Pellet stoves? Clean air is very important to me. And as I have just been diagnosed last year Lupus and what can danger it is all new to me.

Please Help,
atti_editor responded:
Hi Lacella,

You might find it helpful to post your question in our Lupus Community -- the members there are active and supportive, and I am sure that they will chime in with their personal experience or opinions about Lupus and wood stoves. We also have an expert in that community who might be able to give some insights.

Best wishes,
lacella replied to atti_editor's response:
I'm sorry. I thought I did post in the lupus community lol I'm new to the sight. thanks so much and for posting where to find it.
atti_editor replied to lacella's response:
Not a problem at all! I hope you find the information you are looking for

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