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False Drug Test
barrrylincoln posted:
I was in an accident in 2002. They stopped counting rib fractures at 14, some were broken off, some just fractures, some are non union and in the wrong location. Head injury, 2 fractured vertebrata in my low back, fractured pelvis, collarbone that is overlapped (non-union) my R shoulder is 2 inches shorter than the left. I was on percocet for 3 months right after my accident. I had to ask my Family Doctor to stop the percocet. He gave me Vicodin. (now Norco 7.5/325). Our family Doctor of 25 years moved away and I have been getting my medicine from a Neurologist I have been seeing since 1998, but only got my meds from our Family Doctor. .

I am in constant severe pain from the bottoms of my feet to behind my left ear. Many people would be on Percocet. I take 2 Norco's a day.

I also have Pulmonary Fibrosis and had a heart attack in 2011. The old Family Doctor put me on Valium 10 years ago because sometimes it feels like I am in a bear hug, or there is weight on my chest and can't breathe. I get a panic attack which feeds on itself. The more I think about not being able to breathe the worse it gets. I have oxygen but it doesn't help that feeling from the fibrosis, otherwise known as "Stiff Lung". My ribs don't move when I breathe. I used to take 3 Valium a day as prescribed but didn't want to stay at that level so I have taken 1-1/2, 10mg Valium a day for 3-4 years.

With all my broken bones my back and neck muscles get as tight as a guitar string. Flexeril didn't help. The family Doctor said he was going to treat me as a terminal patient and gave me Soma. That works very well and also is a great pain killer. I take 1-1/2 of those a day. I can only sleep on my stomach due to my injuries and the Soma relieves the pain and helps me sleep. I was in the Hospital I had a young, very rude male nurse who acted like taking it was a bad thing. I was prescribed 3 a day and 3 Valium as I mentioned. He asked if I take the Valium and Soma together at bedtime, like I was doing something wrong.

Sorry I had to paint that picture so you would understand. I felt like i deserved a pat on the back for taking less when my body wanted more. My Meds are always in me. i dont abuse them but, there is a stigma with this combination

2 drug tests back to back that were false positive. The first one said I had Dilaudid in me. The 2nd one said I had Methadone in me. They called me and I took a surprise test that they did in the office that was fine. Only the ones he sent to a Lab 1200 miles away in Florida in the winter came back False Positive.

I have never in my life taken either. How is this possible? Around that same time I started peeing blood(I'm a man). Went to the ER and they said I had a whopping UTI. I read that kidney infection can cause false positives.

He is still giving me my meds, says he believes me, but I start getting really upset about a week before my appointment, wondering what I will be falsely accused of next. I take a lot of herbs for my Pulmonary Fibrosis and heart disease. I can't take beta blockers, can't breathe on them. The Valium helps my heart from beating too fast and does not bother my breathing. The Soma also relaxes my heart. The irregular heartbeat started after I got the false positives. I never take more than I am supposed to and was always proud to say that. The meds do not take my pain away, they just take the edge off.

Someone please help. Thinking about switching docs but the Fibrosis is terminal. I don't have time to get to know another Doctor. He won't send my urine to a local Lab or Hospital. Says "he can't".

Should I pay for a Lie Detector Test? Do I have any other options? My honor is being questioned. This has caused me much stress and causes my heart to act up before my appointments. I feel helpless. I'm about to be a Great Grandfather for God's sake. How can this happen? Once I went to different Doctor for another test the same day. Both were ok that time
barrrylincoln responded:
Forgot to mention 1/3 of my r scapula is broken off and gone. The Doctor said it was pulverized, that's why the missing part cant be seen in x-rays or ct scans
atti_editor responded:
Hi barrrylincoln,

You may want to post your questions over in our Pain Management Community . The members on the board are very active and always willing to lend advice and support. Just follow the link above, click on the orange "Post Now" button at the top of the page, and add your question just as you did here. I hope that you are able to find the answers and support you are looking for.

Best wishes,

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