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shin pain
laura74help posted:
Good Afternoon,
I fell about 2 1/2 feet and landed all on one shin. On a tree root. I can actually hobble around on my leg. One really odd thing about this is that if I have my leg up for a while and then place it back on the floor, that is when the pain is the worst. I absolutely cannot walk on it for a few minutes until the burning hot pain subsides, then I can walk again. Could i have a hairline fracture in there? Should I go ahead and get it an xray? Thanks
atti_editor responded:
Hi laura74help,

I think that it would be a good idea to at least make an appointment with your doctor to determine if an x-ray is necessary. You do not want to make your injury worse if there is the possibility that you have a fracture from your fall. Here are some symptoms of fractures you might find helpful. Do you have any swelling or bruising? Please keep us updated on what you find.

Best wishes,

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