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Frustrated and unsure if doctor is needed
tayfam posted:
I'm exhausted, all the time. I'm itching constantly with no hives or rashes. Now scratching is making bruises appear. My joints...almost all of them are swollen and hurt at least once a day if not all day. My appetite is gone, I have to force myself to eat so I don't get lightheaded. I have a low temp most of the time, with a higher temp at least two times a week. I'm frustrated, this has been going on for over 3 months now. I'm not dying and I'm not necessarily "sick" but I don't know if I should or shouldn't call a doctor. I'm an agoraphobic, I can leave the house but it has to be life or death for me to muster the mental strength to do it. Anyone please
rohvannyn responded:
See the doctor if you can muster the strength to do it-- my gut tells me that could be some kind of autoimmune disorder. It is NOT normal to be itching all the time and be that exhausted, with those kinds of pains. Of course, perhaps your itching is caused by anxiety, which in turn robs you of sleep or cuases it to be low quality, and that in turn makes you experience more pain. But see a doctor to be sure.
judy0 responded:
Buy or order on line the book Hope and Help For Nervous Suffering by Claire Weekes. I was agoraphobic in my 20's and have been free of that problem for over 30 yrs. I cannot begin to tell you how many friends and acquaintances have benefited from me advising about Dr. Weekes' books. Good luck.

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