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Stomach virus worse on day 2?
kit73c posted:
Has anyone's LO had a stomach virus that seemed to get worse on the second day?

Baby girl woke up yesterday with a stomach virus. She vomited twice yesterday and had two really messy diarrhea diapers but was otherwise pleasant and didn't seem to feel too bad - playing with her toys, napped well, temp of 98.4-99.4, etc. Last night was rough though - she didn't sleep for more than an hour or so, vomited once (12 hours after the last), had diarrhea once, and is running a fever of 100.5. She's also much fussier and seems more uncomfortable.

Every time I have ever had a stomach virus, it seems like it has hit me hard within the first 3-4 hours and by day two is starting to improve. It seems strange to me that she is feeling worse today than yesterday. I took her to the Pediatrics Afterhours clinic yesterday morning. Should I take her back when they open today.
atti_editor responded:
How is your daughter doing now? I hope that she is feeling better! In the future you might find more help if you post your question the Newborn & Baby Community or the Parenting Community

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