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An_225453 posted:
I need help seriously.I'm 24 years old mother to 3 children.
My problems started 2 months ago.I have gotten bloated,From pelvic bone to the navel of my stomach.It has got a little bigger and harder since then,It feels and looks I have a 6 pack.It's noticeable.My headaches ARE severe.I'm on depakote 250mg.I've been on that since October of last year.and it actually does it's job really until last month it doesnt help,The beginning of this month i started to feel a little different,i have NOT been on stress at all during these months so i know it's not that,I have a bowel movement 3-4 times a day.I know that's healthy cause i actually searched it up to make
During this month I got A ringing the ear(left side)So bad where it made me grab my ear and cry,It hurt LIKE HELL,It actually gave me a headache,I've been feeling movement since the ending of last month,Like one side will get tight,The other side will get tight,It goes everywhere.I dont know what it could be..Last week i was laying down and all of a sudden in between my belly button and pelvic bone i felt like i want to say a kick,at first i thought it was just gas but i know the difference of gas and whatever.BUT this is REALLY different.It made me jump.It's still doing it like now.not a lot though..It feels like someone is poking threw my stomach.I also PEE alot more.My boyfriend said when he had his hand on my stomach he could feel it move in directions.Which he was like umm you need to get checked.He has notice that my attitude has got worse,my stomach has got tight and hard,My headaches are stronger then usually,And tired alot..And also this HAS never happen to me.This only happened twice this MONTH. I sleep i do things.Like 2 weeks ago,I thought i was dreaming,I had to go pee in the middle of night,and for some odd reason i turned on the shower lol.but the next morning my boyfriend asked did you turn on the shower? At the time i couldn't remember i said no.Which i really did,and i didnt relize that till i thought about it.I told him i thought i was dreaming,I also text my sister in my sleep,I didnt know till i went threw my outbox in my cell phone.
My boyfriend is worried.My parents are..I dont want to go the doctors IF i dont have to.I've had doctors who seem like they dont care so i feel they are a waste of my time.I feel movement close to my ribs,belly button,sides,near my private area most of the sometimes i feel the tightness,And then sometimes i feel that poking thing.I feel sick most of that day.Today i feel so sick where i had to make myself throw up,Nope did not work.I still feel nausea and light headed.My diet is the same..
I dont think i am the P word,Due to 2 things 1.My tubes ARE tied.2 my period has been on time.Only except for this month.It was 4 days late,and then it finally came after me and my boyfriend had sex...SERIOUSLY RIGHT AFTER..light and heavy ended 5 days after that.and im still having the sore boobs,Back,stomach.And i feel sick for the past 4 days..I dont know what to do or ask anymore. IF you can please give me advice or if you had this problem please someone help me..:-/
Annie_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Anon_61628,

Please realize that it's not possible for anyone to be diagnosed over the internet. Please see a doctor if you aren't feeling well to find out what is going on with you. Even if you don't want to go to a doctor, there is no way you or anyone else can be diagnosed without seeing a doctor in person.

Good luck with your doctor's visit!

- Annie
RavensAshes responded:
I would say you are pregnant because the symptoms sound very similar and it is possible the tubes were not tied tightly enough, PLUS you can have your period while being pregnant. But I would definitely talk to your doctor, if you are in that much pain and don't think you're pregnant; seriously talk to a doctor. If you have to find a doctor who DOES actually care, I know how you feel about doctors and it can be hard to find one who cares but I would advise not giving up until you find an answer for how you feel.
Louise_WebMD_Staff responded:
Intestinal gas can feel like baby kicking, especially with some GI disorders. I didn't believe that until it happened to me.

Your symptoms could be the sign of something serious and you do need to get checked out by the doctor.

I encourage you to ask around to find a primary care doctor who takes the time to listen to patients and who will help find the source of your issues and make appropriate referrals.
rtpiggsfly replied to RavensAshes's response:
You would want to go to your Dr. just make sure that it is an Orthopedic because they know more than your family practice does, unless you need to go to your family Dr. for the referral. My Ortho told me that joints popping is completly normal and I'm only 33 he also said to stretch a lot several times a day if possiable if not then at least three times a day to keep your sernoval fluid (not sure if I spelled that correct) from forming air bubbles that is the popping sound you hear. Hope you feel better.

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