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need an answer
littleasianwoman posted:
I think I have OCD and ADHD. How do I find out if I have these disorders without going to a therapist. I don't really like them plus I can't afford them do to not having health insurance.
An_225500 responded:
I am not a doctor..
I was diagnosed with OCD by a therapist. But once he told me that is what I had, and I researched online what OCD was, I learned that I had a lot of the symptoms listed on the internet. BUT diagnosing yourself isn't a good idea, you could have other things going on too. I have OCD, and mine is obsessive worrying, I don't have physical compulsions like some people with OCD, I do wash my hands alot but that is it, I am mostly obsessive. My therapist told me basically I'm just an obsessive worryer. I am taking Pristiq for the disorder and it seems to be working. Since you don't have health ins maybe you could find a clinic to go to and talk to a dr there and maybe he/she can help you. good luck! and do your research, but do not diagnose yourself.
Louise_WebMD_Staff responded:
You need to see a doctor to get a diagnosis and proper treatment. It isn't possible for anyone to diagnose online or diagnose yourself accurately. Many things can mimic the symptoms you feel you have at this time.

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