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heart quivering
jrhood97 posted:
When I lay down at night the area around my heart (lately and not every night) seems to quiver or vibrate. Those are the words my wife used when she put her ear on my chest. She didn't notice any kind of rapid heart beat. I checked my blood pressure after this happened and it was 115 over 85. I am not short of breath. There is no pain involved in my chest, arm area, etc. It only occurs when I lay down at night. It doesn't happen during the day if I lay down to watch TV. I don't smoke, drink or take any kind of medicine. Any ideas?
Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi jrhood97,

It is hard to guess what is going on without knowing more about you and and having an exam. I was able to find info on Heart Rhythm Disorders which may be helpful.

Please contact your doctor with your concerns, unfortunately, the health care professionals at WebMD are unable to diagnosis over the internet.

You may also want to re-post your question with our Heart Disease Community for more response.

Hope you get an answer soon,

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