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HELP! My arms fall asleep every night, why?!
meaab posted:
25/F healthy, excercise.

it seems like every night i am waking up to "dead" arms. sometimes just the right arm, and sometimes both arms. i thought maybe it was how i was slepping - but the fact that it happens nearly EVERY night kinda makes me question that... they usually fall asleep on the outside of my arm starting at the elbow and going down to the out side of my hands (ring and pink finger side)

i have had a couple shoulder injuries in my past... i had a slight tear in my right rotator cuff , no surgery, about ten years ago. and three years ago i fell snowboarding (arm over head) on the left side and just put myself in a sling for a week or so... i also work as a white water raft guide so heavy use of my arms and shoulders is an everyday thing for about 9 months out of the year.

my arms do not fall asleep during the day - it is only when i am sleeping... any answers????? PLEASE HELP!!!
Annie_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi meaab,

Since you mention that you've had past shoulder injuries and falls you may want to post your questions on our and our WebMD Back Pain Community .

Also try using the Symptom Checker tool and then think about seeing a doctor for help.

- Annie
Athomemommie responded:
I had a similar problem during my pregnancy, I started taking cinnamon and garlic supplements and slept with my arms in an x, crossed basically, on my chest. The supplements increase natural circulation and crossing arms helps to prevent cutting off circulation when lying down.
I'm sure a warm shower at night might help with this too.
For me, it became really frustrating so I hope that it gets better for you really soon.
An_225895 responded:
My daughter gets similar issue in her legs. Any ideas on causes would be appreciated.
davedsel57 replied to An_225895's response:
Annie's advice and the links she gave would apply to your daughter as well.

Have you discussed this with her doctor? That would be the best thing to do.
Click on my user name or avatar picture to read my story. - Blessings, Dave

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