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sadlady47 posted:
I've had alot going on in the past 11/2. I've been diagnoised with "SEVERE" degenerative arthritis from shoulder to feet on both sides. I have all vertabraes in my neck C-1 through C-7 damaged in some way. I just went to the dr 02/16/2011 and found out the blood vessells in my brain r narrowing and i have some type of brain infection. CANNOT GET RID OF THIS HEADACHE & the ringing in my ears i sDRIVING ME CRAZY. Can't get in to see a neurologist until April. My headaches start in the back and come up to the sides of my head, ringing ears, and tender to touch on top. Any suggestions???? I have been prescribed (i think) every pain medicine out there, nothing touches this headache....
Chris_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi and welcome,

I'm so sorry to read about the pain you are going through. You can try asking your question here on our Migraines and Headaches Community. I hope that helps. I would call the doctors office as well and ask to get on a cancellation list if there is one. I hope you feel better soon!
Good Luck and Good health, Chrissy WebMD Community Staff
sadlady47 replied to Chris_WebMD_Staff's response:
I am on that list and i hope i can get in sooner. Can the narrowing of bllod vessells in the brain cause these *severe* headaches or is it possibly coming from my neck?? Got to learn some type of pain management, cause i can't take these headaches much longer. HELP....

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