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my 5 yr old has a rash from head to toe
vasinglemom posted:
my 5 yr old son just developed some kind of rash from head to toe.. looks kinda like baby milk bumps.. they dont itch him or bother him at all but i cant figure out what caused it and what i need to do about it.. Plz help me
Annie_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi vasinglemom,

Questions about rashes come up all the time on the Skin Problems and Treatments Community board and Allergies Community board so that may be the place to start with your questions.

Do realize that it's not possible for anyone to be diagnosed over the internet though so you may want to think back to see if there's anything that your son ate, used, or was exposed to (such as plants) that could have caused a rash.

Try using the Symptom Checker tool to read more about rashes before you take your child to a doctor if he doesn't get better soon.

Take care!

- Annie
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