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losing weight
An_225970 posted:
I'm new at this site, I need some guidelines on how to lose weight. I am 48, about 160lbs. I have been a lactose vegetarian ever since I was 16. I eat healthy. I don't like sweets, coffee, spicy foods. I drink my water (been doing that since childhood). I eat those morning stars and boca burgers and other vegetarian meals plus steamed vegetables daily. My figure used to be 36-24-36. That was recently. And yes I do smoke cigarettes and have a beer once in a while. I work as a cashier, where I stand in one place for some hours at a time, I do stomach exercises, but I don't know what to do. I cannot afford bally's or other fitness centers. I walk early in the morning, do stretches because of my job. And I eat healthy, but why do I have this huge gut. My moms and sisters say that I have always had the cutest figure. I need some help in losing weight, for my health and make sure that my family is happy with this new goal. This will be the VERY first time being on a diet. I don't know where to start, so can somebody give me some suggestions on how and where to start?
Annie_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Anon_168843,

Since you mention that you are 48 years old, may I ask if you are perimenopausal or menopausal yet? Hormone changes that come with menopause can change the fat distribution on the body resulting in what is commonly called a meno-pot or meno-gut. The Menopause Community with Dr Mary Jane Minkin can help answer questions about perimenopause and menopause body changes for you if that is what you think may be happening with you.

Dr Pamela Peeke has a wonderful Everyday Fitness blog aimed at women who want to keep fit by eating and exercising right. She is also a health expert on our
WebMD Diet Community . We also have a WebMD Food & Cooking Community with Elaine Magee RD and she also has a companion Healthy Reipes blog which helps people get the fat out of their food by doing recipe makeovers.

These communities would be a good place to start you on your journey to wellness. Let me know if I or another moderator can help you further!

- Annie
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