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Painfull MRI's
kbarr52 posted:
We patients need answers on this discussion. Any medical pros who might know what we are all talking about? I have read a few answers,
like, water on the knee could hurt during an MRI. No, my son has water on the knee, you can see it when he puts ice on can see the water freeze inside like little ice cubes. He had an MRI with no pain. My mom had MRI's all her life and never had issues. She was the one that told me, 'oh, don't worry, it is just like an x-ray. NOT. For me, and I have a high tolerance of pain,,,example, awake during surgery and the pain meds did not take, felt the you can't say I don't take pain well....SO why does an MRI hurt? Again, mine was like you were pulling my knee cap off. Not a good feeling. And everyone on this post is right......'oh, you only have a few minutes left, it is all in your head.' No, it has to have a reason. period. I won't go for another one. I had no contrast, no dye injection. Just a good ol fashion MRI that hurt so bad, I wanted to crawl out. So any more brain storms medical profession? other than, 'this does not happen'....Not a good answer. That is the reason I got onto this discussion board, our communation can be the finding factor. Who knows more than people who have a life experience to get to the bottom of it all....thanks for listening.

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