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Athletes Foot
An_239889 posted:
I had stinky feet and peeling, but I also am diagnosed with Reynalds(sp) so my feet often tingle and itch. The doctor that I saw did not do any tests and did not say that I had athletes foot. She said that if I did, it was very mild and my toenails did not impress her. she said that i should just use lamasil for three months once a day. I never had web toe and what I had was peeling at the sole and dry skin. When I got concerned about the direction from the doctor, I saw another who again did not do any testing, but looked at my feet and nails and said that they were not fungal. I am just concerned because my toenails are dim ( probably from fingernail polish) and they have splits and I have dry feet. Should I see another doctor and ask for a test? Or am I just being nuerotic?
Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Anon and Welcome,

When it comes to your health your are not being neurotic! Unfortunately, second and third opinions are sometimes necessary when getting conflicting information.

What type of doctors did you see? Which specialties?

While waiting to see another doctor, this information may be helpful -

Athlete's Foot Directory
Slideshow: Fungus Among Us

Please keep us posted and hope you find answers soon,

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