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breathing in cat urine and feces everyday
Anon_60853 posted:
I have been living with my dad for 4 months. I have been breathing in his cat's urine and feces since I have been here. I know that my dad's house is making me sick. I am vomitting, diarrhea, nausea every day. I will be moving out by November 1. I just want to know what these symptoms are called. How can I stay healthy until I move out. My dad will not get rid off the cat. My dad is a hoarder. He only has 1 cat. I cannot take living here anymore. It is ruining my health and my work. I cannot take any days off, but I am afraid that before I move out I will not be able to go to work because I am physically sick. Any suggestions, help or advice greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Lovescats5 responded:
Chances are that the hoarding is the cause of your symtons and not just the cat feces and urine. If you are that concerned, perhaps there is another family member you can live with until Nov 1. Although you don't say what your health is like normally, or if you have any other problems. I would sugest you go to a clinic or your md
and find out what is making you sick. Peggy
07Junior replied to Lovescats5's response:
I went to my doctor last month because I had the stomach flu and ask if my dad's house was making me sick. The doctor said, "If you keep getting sick then yes." I was not having my symptoms before I moved into my dad's place. I stayed 1 night at my mom's place. I was fine when I went to work the next day. Once I move out, I will see if I get better then I will know that it is my dad's house that is making me sick. I would stay at my mom's house but not when my stepdad is there. I hardly ever have vomit whenever I am sick I just have diarrhea. If I do vomit then I know that something is just not right.

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