Left ankle pain
Myprobz posted:

I have got the same kind of left ankle pain for no reason, It pains like hell, when I checked with my pals, they also were telling the same that most of them faced such problems, and gradually would disappears...... One among them said, Using high heel shoes would result in such problems..... But absolutely I have no idea about it than tolerating this pain.... please advise me.... on the above... I am little worried,....
Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Myprobz,

Thanks for bringing your concerns to WebMD, although, it is hard to guess what's going on without an exam and more info.

This slideshow, The Worst Shoes for Your Feet , may be helpful. And, also check out, Ankle Injuries , for more information.

Please get this checked out by a physician so you can find answers and feel better.

Keep us posted,