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Disc Degenerative Disease DDD - Hubby's prob.
dianes1925 posted:
My husband has been dealing with DDD in his lumbar and lower T area for years and the pain has just been increasing. I myself is also disabled and on SSD but he has been putting off anything to do with DR.'s touching his back because of what happened to me when I went in for a simple laminectomy on my L3/L4 and a partial disectomy on my L/5, long story short, there was a lot of mistakes made and I am now with Arachnoiditis, Stenosis, Fibrosis, Fibromyalsia, and Spondylosis, and have in the past 2 yrs. developed Neuroapathy where for the past 2+ years it took to finally be diagnosed with that after telling them from the beginning that is what I thought it was, but now even my new doc. wants to do mri on my brain, god only knows why, they don't share their info with you, or pics like they used to and explain exactly what is going on. Well I have been through hell for over 3 yrs now and all this time my husband has had this problem with his back and now he doesn't want anyone to do any type of operation what so ever. He needs 2 disc completely replaced and possibly a 3rd. So he has 2 of them one after the other with no cushion what so ever left, and back when he first had his testing done @4-5 yrs ago the also did a discogram and the top one was leaking also, so I think by now it probably will need a new one. The only thing he takes is meds but cannot if he has to drive and has messed up his job chances (and he is over 50) and cannot pick up really heavy objects unless he can have his pills and get to the point of almost being a little high, which neither one of us can stand. At night I cannot drive plus even though it doesn't effect me anymore I am on morphine and don't like to drive when on them, if I have to I make really early appointments, everything is close to home and do not take my morphine till I get home.
What can happen to him if he doesn't do anything about this? Can his back snap or something, I need ammo to get through his thick skull that he needs to do something about this and soon. His one other doctor says he needs a knee replacement and once he hears this type of talk he stops going to them, what am I to do? Thank anyone with some help with this delicate but very important situation. Diane1925
Byroney_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hello Dianes1925 and thank you for posting.

It sounds like your husband has a lot of challenges related to his back and chronic pain. I have arachnoiditis from a back surgery and fibromyalgia myself, so I can understand a bit of what he's going through.

Unfortunately, we don't have any Health Experts or members with chronic back pain on this community. I would encourage you to repost this note on our Back Pain Community .

My doctors share pictures, test results and information with me and we discuss treatment options together. I'm sorry you don't feel you have that with your husband's doctors. Be sure to do your part to communicate any questions with your doctor or health care professional. I would also encourage you to find a doctor that you feel you're in a partnership with if you don't feel your current doctor is meeting that need.

Best wishes,

vIvianwilso5 responded:
I do not know if this will help you, I just want you to know someone cares about what you and your husband are going through, I hope this makes you feel a little better,I have had a total of 6 spine surgeries spread out over 10 years, I on the other hand have a genius surgeon, i do not know how I would have survived without him, I cared for patients in 2001 when I got hurt from lifting at first the pain was horrible I had radiating pain from my neck into the shoulder and numbing in my finger worse on the left, I went to a Doctor who would not look at my neck even though I steadily told him about it we went to surgery for an arthroscopy, and later I had to see a different Doctor for my neck, I to date have had four cervical fusions (neck Disk Repair), 1 microdiskectomy, L4-5, and a lumbar interbody fusion (rods put in the back) and I have been on SSDI since July 2007, after healing from my Lumbar Interbody Fusion, I got out of pain management exactly 1 and 1/2 year past my Lumbar Interbody Fusion, this year I had a new disk repaired with my most recent spine surgery, in january 2011, in March I went to work, I am now in a ticket to work program and I owe all of my progress to this wonderful determined Doctor who really believed that I could get well, none of this has been easy, but, I can tell your husband from years of pain and anguish, it is best to get it fixed as quickly as possible, and I learned something else when I gain weight my pain returns, I like you have to watch what exercise that I do or I will pay for this with added pain, so I went on line in search for a solution and I found a company called RocaLabs Gastric Bypass Without Surgery Formula, I started this formula on November 18th 2011 and on November 26th 2011 I lost 8 pounds, it really works for me, and the best part is even with only 8 pounds off I got a break from back pain.

I hope that he can see that all Doctors are different and find one like mine who is genuine and really cares for patients.
dianes1925 replied to Byroney_WebMD_Staff's response:
The Arachnoiditis I have from a back surgery that went bad on my l3/l4 and l5, he is still fighting but has finally scene a doctor again. I just have been fighting to get him an open mri now, they put him in an closed one and it freaked him out, not sure why I thought he had one before and made it but I guess being from all the time his back is like that and cannot lay flat or maybe people just change. I will tell him how much better you felt after having the disc replacements and so happy it went well for you. I have to ask how are you feeling and how did you get Arachnoiditis, it is so rare, I have been dealing with it for 5 yrs, and cannot understand why nobody knows about it especially when you get into the ER and you are in terrible pain trying to explain which is impossible, I went in with a severe dehydrating stomach flu and all we got stuck on was my meds, I told them why I took morphine and then they here why they have no idea again, but here we go again, morphine=druggy It barely works anymore nor does all the other stuff, I am truly sick of it how do you handle it?
Olivia_WebMD_Staff replied to dianes1925's response:
Hi again dianes1925!

I am sad to say that Byroney left the company to pursue other interests several months ago.

It sounds like you're still trying to find some resolution for your pain and discomfort. I'd suggest posting to the folks on our Pain Management community for some great feedback.

I hope you find the answers you need soon!

Take care,

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