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F. 21 Swollen lymph nodes, night sweats, fatigue
Crawford4004 posted:
I am a 21 y/o females with a history of fibroadenomas, I have had 2 surgeries removing the growths in my left breast 4-6 y/a.
My grandmother died of breast cancer complications and my other grandmother is in remission of Leukemia(CLL) right now.

About 2 months ago I noticed another lump, this time in my right breast, close to my armpit, about 1in oblong (it could possibly be a swollen lymph node further down I believe) along with for sure swollen, sore/painful to touch lymph nodes in both armpits and my left front neck.

I've been suffering from extreme fatigue for the last month or so and terrible nightmares/ drenching night sweats the last 3 weeks. I've had some clod-like symptoms on and off but no daytime fevers from what I know.
I've also experienced some leg joint pain(hip, knee, ankle) and back pain but I attribute that to 16 years of soccer playing...

I'm on a hormonal birth control and maintain a healthy diet and exercise. I HATE cats and havent been anywhere near one for years but live with a rescue pitbull(1.5y/o) random but you never know.

I have a doctors appointment tomorrow and will be getting blood work and presumably ultrasounds or a mammogram..I am a student and I have no heath insurance and live in Wisconsin.

Any suggestions on possible diagnosis or questions that I should be prepared to ask my doctor tomorrow? Or people who have had similar symptoms with diagnosis's?
Thanks, Chelsea
Olivia_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Chelsea!

Unfortunately, there are so many different explanations for certain symptoms that only a one-on-one examination by your doc can give you a diagnosis.

While you're waiting, here is some information that may help:

Breast Problems


Swollen Lymph Nodes

Let us know what you find out.

Take care,

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