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Amputated finger tip
jpkarizona posted:
My 6 year old son tore off the tip of his right pinky finger playing with the blinds at home Wednesday evening around 5:30. It is now Saturday morning and last night while changing his bandages the finger tip is completely black. They stiched the tip back on his finger. The bone was partially exposed. No broken bones in the hand. His follow up appointment isn't until Monday at 1 pm. I called the specialist that is going to see him on Monday. He didn't seem concerned and said unless we see infection, smell an odor and/or runs a fever than it can wait till Monday. I am no doctor and so nervous my son is going to lose his finger tip. It's black like it's dead and afraid of gangreen. Is this colorization normal and what are my chances that his finger can be saved? It was the tip of his finger from the nail up, completely gone. Any guidance or any help is greatly appreciated. Please help me understand. Thank you
concerened Dad!
Olivia_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi there!

Welcome to the WebMD community. While you're waiting to see your doctor, you may want to post to our Parenting board to see if our pediatrician or any other parents can tackle your questions.

I hope that you son's fingertip will attach and heal as is should. Because all wounds of this nature are different, I'd say your best answers are going to come from your son's own doctor.

Take care,

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