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HMS and Fibro?
jillylin posted:
Does anyone here have HMS as well as Fibro? I was in my local library and noticed a new book had come in about Hypermobility Syndrome. When I started reading it, I discovered it has very close links with Fibro. I would be interested in any views about this.

The book was written by an ex dancer which is partly what caught my eye but as I was reading , lightbulbs were going off every few paragraphs as I was seeing so many links to my own situation. Including the fact the author had a similar experience to my own with her neurologist.

Jilly in the UK
shadowsmom42 responded:
Hi there. I don't feel that HMS and FMS go together, however, with that said, one can be misdiagnosed.
Here is a link that you just might find helpful. It's titled "Fibromyalgia/Hypermobility Syndrome and it's by Dr. Faber at the Milwaukee Pain Clinic:

Hope you find this helpful and that it answers any questions you might have. Take care! - Terry
Olivia_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Jilly!

This would be a great question for the expert and members on our Fibromyalgia Community .

I hope you'll post there and get to know everyone.

Take care,

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