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confused about new genital herpes outbreak
Anon_64814 posted:
I have had oral herpes (cold sores) since I was a teenager or early 20's. I am married and we both were virgins when we got married and have stayed monogamous for 15 years so far. When we got intimate we had oral sex (both of us did each other). So, this was 15 years or more ago and we only did it a few times in the beginning then we just had regular sex no oral (mutual agreement). So, I just got this genital outbreak two weeks ago. My husband has never had any genital or oral Herpes sores. So, did he get HSV I from me all those years ago and not have an outbreak and then give it to me now? I mean I know you can get HSV I by oral and genital sex but why did it just break out now? Could it really have stayed in the nerve in the genital area that long without an outbreak? My doctor did a visual but no testing. She said it was herpes but thought we gave it to each other at some point. I am still going to get a blood test for HSV I and II IgG in a couple of months. I just feel confused why I got this so many years later.
Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hello and Welcome -

These are good questions for the members and experts on our Sexually Transmitted Disease Community. This great community will give you solid advice and support.

In the meantime, our Herpes Health Center may be helpful.

Hoping you find answers soon,
marieh9 replied to Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff's response:
Hi and thanks. Do I have to repost or will this question go to one or both of those communities.
thank you,
Chris_WebMD_Staff replied to marieh9's response:
Hi Marieh

Yes, you'll need to repost on the Sexually Transmitted Disease Community. You can copy and paste your post there. The Herpes Health Center is not a community but you can read info on there about STD's.
Hope that helps.
Good Luck and Good health,
WebMD Community Staff

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