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Relieving pressure in ear to eliminate the pain
An_245871 posted:
I have a lot of pressure in my ear and it is painful. I am taking Claritin D and drinking a lot of water. Is there anything else that I can do to help break it up? I wanted to contact the Nurse for 360 but I do not know the phone # and am not able to locate it here on this website. Does anyone know the # fot the 24/7 nurse line?

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How do I relieve the pressure in my ear in order to eliminate the pain and be able to hear again? I am already taking Claritin D and drinking lots of liquids.
  • chew gum
  • put warm compress on the ear
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gridly1 responded:
Hi. It might help to clean out your sinuses. do you have a neti pot? If not, Google what it is, and fashion one with what ever you can find (MUST be Glass or pottery).I have even used a glass measuring cup. Boil some purified water (distilled is best). Add Unrefined Sea Salt (I like Redmond's Real Salt) and Xylitol if you've got it.
If you google Neti, it will give you the proportions and procedure. God Bless
Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hello Anon -

Sorry to hear you are having ear pain. Our wonderful expert, Dr. Moser, on our Ear, Nose and Throat Community may be able to offer some support.

But most important, since ear pain and pressure could be caused by many different things, please contact your doctor to be checked and get the correct treatment for your symptoms.

Hope you feel better soon,

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