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weight loss
BecGoff posted:
My name is Becky. I'm 51and 5"9 and 196 pounds . I don't feel good about myself and I'm very discouraged. It seems every time I try a program I' don't last long. I am so discouraged. I have an app I try to follow called my fitness pal. I can't seem to stick to that. I would like to know how other people cope with discouragement.
dlwinterdiego responded:
Hi Becky,

I hate to tell you, but all it really takes is self-discipline. WebMD has a great program. I had wanted to drop 20 pounds for two or three years. This past Fall I started reading and watching the program and decided to go for it at the start of the new year. Within the first two months I dropped 10 pounds. I lost another five slowly, but with consistency. Now, I float back and forth about five pounds, but remain more or less near my desired weight loss. Take a good look at their program and start when you feel ready. The bottom-line is that what you need to get control of is what you eat and how much you eat. The more you learn about food, the more successful you'll become and with that you'll stop feeling discouraged. Be patient in the beginning because changing your food habits will take time.
Haylen_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Becky!

Please check out the WebMD Diet Community. Our expert Pam Peeke is wonderful and very motivating. You can post your diet-related questions here:

Weight loss can be difficult and lonely on your own. But WebMD has excellent resources to help people lose weight. You can get support and expert guidance from the Weight Loss Clubs here:

Networking with others is a great first step!


loove23 responded:
Hi becky, i also suffer from discouragement i am 24, 5''4 and i weight 194 pounds, i have tried so hard to lose weight, sometime i feel that i am no longer attractive to my husband, cant seem to find the right method to keep the weight off, have tried weight loss tablets and herbal drinks, but they don't work.....i understand what you are going through, for me i just do what i have to and not think of my low self esteem.....hope you will find the right plan for you and hope you regain your motivation

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