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Phelgmy cough
palvarad posted:
My little man is 6 months old and just got over having the roseola virus. His fever broke last week, and when I thought he was getting better suddenly this cough develops. He started coughing lightly but then now its turned into a productive cough where he's coughing up phlegm. At first it was clear but now it's yellowish green. Other than the cough he doesn't seem to be running a temperature, but it is worrying me because it's disrupting his sleep at night. He gives me these helpless looks and I want to cry while I soothe him because there's nothing I can do. The coughing is not constant but it's occurred a few times a day since about Thursday, and whenever he sneezes he sneezes out mucus. My poor baby is having a time of it and keeps crying when I clean his nose. I've been using saline solution and suctioning out the mucus to help him breathe. I tried doing a steam shower one particularly bad night but I have asthma and can't stay in there for long. He's okay otherwise, but that cough scares me!

I'm waiting for the doctor to call me back to give me her advice, but I wanted to hear other opinions.

Thanks in advance.
Olivia_WebMD_Staff responded:
Welcome, palvarad!

While you're waiting for your doctor to get back with you, we have a wonderful Parenting board and expert here at WebMD where you can find some guidance.

Here also is some information on coughs in children .

Take care,

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